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4 Signs You Should DIY Your Copywriting (And 5 Telling You It’s Better to Go with a Pro)

That  TikTok “maturity” trend going around’s got me thinkin’… 

Maturity in a small business is knowing when to do something yourself … and when it’s time to hire a pro.

I’ll be the first to admit – when I started my business, I was game to take on any and every single client.

But after working with anyone who waltzed into my inbox, I realized that not everybody is ready for professional copywriting.

Not to mention, you have a lot of expenses as a business owner. So it’s only natural that you want to spend your coins wisely.

So, how do you know when it’s time to invest in a pro and get professional copywriting?  

And how do you know when you’re good to skip one, save a couple bucks – actually a lot of bucks – and do it yourself?

Here’s four signs that you can save some monies, and DIY your copywriting. Plus 5 that tell you it’s time to hire a pro.

In the words of the great Nicki Minaj, let’s get it now –

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DIY Your Copy When…

You’re not clear on your brand yet

If you’ve been in business for a short amount of time, chances are you’re not totally clear on your brand strategy yet.

And when you’re not clear on your brand strategy or your brand messaging, you lose out on your copywriting’s sustainability.

Once you’ve spent more time with your small business you will get a clear picture of what you want your business to look like. And it’s possible that when you figure that out, your business won’t look the same as it looks right now.

So when that happens you lose out on copy that truly reflects your brand and that resonates with your ideal client because your ideal client might change.

So if you’re not clear on your brand yet…

If you haven’t done brand messaging…

If you haven’t figured out your brand strategy, or  worked with a brand strategist…

…then you might want to DIY your copywriting in the meantime.

Don’t spend the money on copy when your brand strategy is not in place yet.

You haven’t nailed down your offer

Copywriters, believe it or not, can’t sell anything and everything. (We ain’t magicians over here. Although, I still fully believe Errol lost my letter to Hogwarts in the mail.)

We can take a service or product that is already fleshed out with features and benefits. And we can position it in a way that makes somebody realize they do want or need what you’re offering. That it does solve a problem, or pain point, or an obstacle they’re facing.

But if you haven’t nailed that down… 

If you haven’t done the work, the market research, and all that good stuff… 

If you haven’t tested out your product or your service…

…Then there’s no way of knowing copywriting is actually going to work for your product.

Because here’s the thing. Even if you have the best copywriting on the planet for your product or service, if no one wants it, no one is going to buy it. 

And that’s on period. 

You have a limited budget

Good copywriting costs a pretty penny.

It’s also worth every penny. Because copy that sounds like your brand and that also resonates with your dream client is one of the biggest keys to scaling your business.

But if you have a small budget, then stick with DIYing your copy.

The last thing you want to do is overstretch your means in your business. So DIY your copywriting, and save for the copywriter you want to work with. 

This is also a great time to start researching for the one you want to work with, too.

You’ve got the time to learn copywriting

Pretty sure this is a hill that I’m A-Okay dying on.

Copywriting is a nuanced skill. 

It is not the same as writing an essay in your 11th grade English class. 

And it’s definitely not the same as writing those stuffy, uber professional emails that start off with “as per my last email…”

It’s a skill that blends 

  • creative storytelling, 
  • research, 
  • sales psychology, 
  • marketing knowledge and expertise, 
  • plus writing and editing 

all into one. 

And really, if you have the time to learn copywriting, it’s one of the best skills you can have for your business. There are plenty of resources out there on YouTube, in books, on blogs to help you learn it.

So if you have the time on your hands, by all means DIY your copywriting 

Hire a pro when…

You need your site selling more

If your website isn’t making sales or if it’s not making enough sales for you then you might want to look at hiring a copywriter.

Because that’s exactly what a copywriter does. 

They know how to write words that will sound like your brand and connect with your ideal client or customer … so that your site ends up driving more sales or more leads.

You despise writing

If you can’t think of anything worse than sitting down at your computer and tippy-tapping away on your 

  • website copy 
  • on emails 
  • on a new sales page 
  • on a Facebook ad 
  • whatever it is…

If all that sounds like you would rather take a fork in the eyeball, it’s time to hire a copywriter.

I’m willing to put money on the fact that you started your small business because that’s what you wanted to do. At least one of the purposes of your business is because you love what you are doing.

So why in the world would you force yourself to handle the parts of your business that you can’t stand doing.

For example, I can’t f****** stand anything to do with numbers. I can’t. I cannot do it. So why would I put myself through the pain of handling my own accounting and bookkeeping?

I don’t.

I outsourced it to an accountant who handles it for me.

So if you hate writing in any shape or form, don’t make yourself do it. Don’t put that stress or pressure on your shoulders.

Because if you do hate it, then you’re not going to do it.

You can put it on your to-do list all day long. But if you hate writing, then you’re going to keep putting it off. And you’re going to have to keep adding it to tomorrow’s to do list. And it’ll never get done.

And when you do that, or  when you don’t hire a copywriter, or somehow get your copywriting done – you lose out on money in yo pocket. 

You’re already stretched too thin (even if you love puttin’ fingers to the keyboard)

I get this one a lot actually.

Whenever I do market research, I ask people, “why do you choose to DIY your copywriting?”  Or “why do you choose not to hire a copywriter?”

The number one reason is because they majored in English or creative writing or they just love to write.

And that is a totally valid reason. 

If you love to write, by all means write. Learn how to do copywriting and write your own copy. 

Because while there are so many other parts of copywriting, a huge chunk of it is writing.

However. Even if you love writing, if you are already stretched too thin, your copywriting will never get done.

Do yourself and your business a favor and get some s*** off of your plate. Start with your web copy. Or your email copy. Or your launch copy. 

You’re too close to your brand and your niche

One of my copywriting packages helps you lay out your brand messaging. So I know how to get it done.

But I still needed Whitney from The Wild Hive Studio to help me nail down my own brand messaging

You might think you need to handle the copywriting for your brand yourself because no one knows your brand like you do. 

But sometimes we’re too close to our brand or our niche. And we do ourselves a disservice when we don’t get an outside perspective on our work.

You’re not sure how to use market research

If you’re already making sales and driving leads to your inbox then chances are you’ve done at least some market research.

And that market research is going to come into play for your copywriting.

Because your copy writer is absolutely going to dig through all of that market research. All of the Instagram comments where your audience is asking questions. All of your testimonials that you’ve ever been given. 

And they’re going to use it to write words that match the conversation that’s happening in your ideal client’s head.

But If that sounds absolutely atrocious to you (please tell me you said that in Simon Cowell’s voice)…

If you can’t stand the thought of putting together those puzzle pieces…

Then invest in a copywriter. Because your copywriter absolutely should be doing that for you. 

So, where ya at, friendo?  Are you hiring a copywriter, or are you doing it yourself for now?

— > “I’m not ready for a copywriter yet!” Good on ya for being self aware in your business journey! If you need to DIY your copywriting, check out my other blog posts for more copywriting tools and strategies. 

— > “I need a copywriter like yesterday.” Hell yeah! Way to get more off your plate so you can ditch the workaholic hustle. If you’re diggin’ my style, check out my website copywriting excursion here! 

Save this one for later!

Blue Pinterest graphic for copywriting 101 and the title "4 signs you should diy your copywriting + 5 you should go with a pro."
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