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Does Your Wedding Business Need a Blog in 2023?

Does my wedding business need a blog in 2020

It seems like now more than ever, blogs are already a thing of the past. 

So, do you really need to spend all that time blogging for your professional wedding business each week to possibly land a new client in your inbox? 

It’s 2023 and right now, social media like TikTok and Instagram Reels is still all the rage.

You’ve got your clients right at your fingertips with all of those social platforms! You can get them engaged from your posts, and then you can send them right to your website so they can book. What else do you need? 

A couple of weeks ago, Krista Olynyk of KJ and Co., invited me to join her for her #KJstudyhall chat on Clubhouse. We talked more about what I’m about to tell you in this blog post – and Krista brought up fantastic points about why you need a blog as a wedding professional, too.

And, she came up with an amazing free guide to help you write your blog posts, including over 150 blog post topics to choose from to get those creative juices flowing. You can read her post on this topic (and download that free guide) here!

But, what about the clients who don’t even know you exist? 

Reaching out to your followers is great to try and fill up your calendar. 

But what about the brides-to-be who don’t even know you exist yet? 

What about the one who is seven miles down the road from you, and who loves to watch the same shows as you do (Friends and Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, anyone?), and shops at all the same stores (where are my Target and Anthropologie girls at?). AKA – the perfect dream client. 

Well, sure, she’s going to head on over to Pinterest and Instagram to get some good inspiration from photos. But Instagram doesn’t act as a search engine, and while Pinterest does, it’s not as laser-focused as one in particular. 

I’m talking about Google

Over 92% of global internet users rely on Google for searching. 

And guess who searches? Those who are ready to buy. 

So, what does a blog do to help my wedding business? 

A blog for your wedding business with great content and a consistent schedule for posting helps with SEO. 

SEO = Search Engine Optimization. 

Every new post you write gives you a chance to target certain keywords. Those keywords tell Google what your post is about. 

Keyword = the word(s) that describe the content of a web page best. 

By keeping up with a blog as a wedding professional, you are constantly giving Google updates for your website. And that keeps you relevant to people searching for wedding vendors near you! 

When the time rolls around for your dream clients to start researching who they’ll choose for their wedding pros, you’ll be popping up on the first page of Google! 

What’s wrong with Instagram or Facebook? 

Absolutely nothing! 

I believe that Instagram and Facebook are key elements of a fantastic marketing strategy for your wedding business. 

But there are a couple of hangups surrounding them that I want to chat about! 

Social media platforms fade in and out.

We saw it with Myspace back in the early 2000’s (oh Lord, I think I left Tom in my top 8). And we’re starting to see it with the shift from Facebook to Instagram and now TikTok. 

Keeping all of your eggs in one basket (social media) means you’ll fall victim to all of the algorithm changes (remember when Instagram and Facebook were down for over 12 hours in 2021?). Or, you’ll have to always study up on how to use new features (reels on Instagram). That’s totally fine if social media is your jam and bread! But I think it’s best to use social media and keep up with a blog to boost your SEO. That way you’ll never lose out on potential clients when things (inevitably) start to change. 

You don’t own your social media platforms.

Who else has had to deal with the headache of trying to get back a randomly deactivated account? Tying in with the first hangup above, you don’t own your social media platforms — the social media platform does. And that means you’ll always be subjected to any updates they make (like when Insta did away with chronological feed). 

As long as you keep up with your annual payment, you own your website and the content you post. So consistently posting on your blog with great SEO practices means that you’ll continue showing up on Google’s search results pages, even when Instagram or Facebook kicks off their latest algorithm change (or kicks the bucket altogether). 

Wedding business growth comes from blogging and SEO.

Like I mentioned before, I do think that social media is a great tool for a well-rounded wedding business marketing strategy. 

But I also think that their place is in a client’s journey before they buy. Facebook and Instagram are awesome tools that can be used for brand awareness. That’s where potential clients can see more of your shooting style if you’re a photographer, or your vision if you’re a wedding planner, or your interior decor if you’re a wedding venue. 

When it comes to actually booking vendors, a client heads over to Google to research before they put down their deposit. 

And if you’re not showing up there, they won’t book with you. 

Real growth and revenue comes from posting consistently to your blog and keeping up with excellent SEO practices. That way Google puts you at the top of their search page. 

Your turn!

I’d love to hear from you! What are your thoughts and opinions on this? Do you agree that growth and revenue comes from the help of a wedding business blog? Or do you think social media is more important at this point? 

Leave a comment below!

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