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Website Copywriting for Wedding Videographers

Ryan Noel Films

Website copywriting for wedding videographers, Ryan Noel Films, gave them the confidence to boost their prices.

The Before: 

Ryan and Brianna of Ryan Noel Films came to me for website copywriting for their wedding cinematography brand. These two filmmakers are, hands down, some of the most incredible, talented videographers in the industry. Seriously, their work looks like a trailer to a Cannes award-winning film. 

But here’s the thing – when they came to me, they knew their website copy wasn’t up to par. Their experiences were considered luxury investments, but their website copywriting wasn’t on the same page. Their dream clients weren’t connecting with this amazing duo. 

And the other kicker? They needed the about page of their website copy turned around in 24 hours. 

The Transformation: 

So, naturally, we got to work! 

First, we hopped on a 1:1 strategy call where we went through all the ins and outs of their brand. We talked about how and why they got started. Even what their passions and interests were outside of their brand! Not to mention, we bonded over our mutual love of doggos and true crime shows. 

But even more than that, we chatted about who their ideal client was. I guided them through the research phase where we nailed down why their dreamboat client wanted to invest in topnotch wedding cinematography. 

The After: 

After two rounds of edits for their website copywriting, Ryan and Brianna now have website copywriting that gave them the freedom to raise their prices even further. They knew their copywriting would connect with their readers and portray the value of their phenomenal work. 

Here’s what Ryan had to say about working with me: 

“What made us happiest about working with Sipsy Ink was how our clientele took us more seriously. Our confidence in our website grew. Planners started to reach out more. We were able to increase our pricing from $4,750 to $7,500 and know that our website copy matched that pricing.”

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Website copywriting for wedding videographers helped them elevate their luxury brand.
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