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The Kate Collective

Katie from The Kate Collective worked with Sipsy Ink for brand new website copywriting for Showit website designers

The Before: 

Katie from The Kate Collective reached out to me about getting some brand new website copywriting for her brand. 

She’s a Showit website designer and branding strategist who works with creative entrepreneurs and wedding professionals. And let me tell you – she’s absolutely phenomenal at what she does! 

Katie wanted words that resonated with her ideal clients and that elevated her brand. She knew copywriting was an important part of showcasing a luxury experience to her dreamboat readers! And those dreamy prospects were more seasoned business owners rather than new, incoming wedding professionals and creative entrepreneurs. 

The Transformation: 

We hopped on a 1:1 strategy call to talk more about her brand and what she was hoping for with her new web copy! 

I took her through the research phase where we went through all the details about her brand with a fine toothed comb. I asked her more about the specific traits about her dream clients. And we talked about where her ideal clients are before they find her and what they’re looking for after they work with her. 

After our strategy session, I took to doing keyword research and market research. I dug through her Instagram posts, her current website copy, and her blog posts. That all gave me a feel for how she speaks for her brand! And it let me tap into her brand voice for her new website copy. 

The After: 

With the research phase and the copywriting process done, Katie now has brand new website copy on her site! It’s full of language designed to match the conversation already happening in her ideal client’s head. (that’s the beauty of in-depth research!)

Want that for your own brand? Click here to get website copywriting that elevates your brand and resonates with your dreamiest clients! 

About page website copywriting for Showit website designer and brand strategist.
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