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Website Copywriting for Photographers | Family and Senior Photographer

Website Copywriting for Photographers | Family and Senior Photographer

A screenshot of Melanie Foster Photography's new website after working with Sipsy Ink's website copywriting for photographers service.

Melanie Foster Photography | Website Copywriting for Photographers

You know website copywriting is one of my absolute favorite services I offer. Why? Because the results are just too good not to love it! 

And with Melanie Foster Photography, that was no different. She came to me wanting words that truly felt on brand and that helped her snag the attention of her dreamboat clients. 

And in the end? She wrapped up our website copywriting for photographers project saying: 

“If you value well-crafted, thoughtful copy that will convert prospective clients into leads, work with Tristyn!” 

Melanie Foster Photography

Omg, here I am over here blushin’. But while I fan my face, let me tell ya a little bit more about Melanie’s website copywriting for photographers project: 

Melanie from Melanie Foster Photography came to me through The Kate Collective. She was getting her branding and website re-designed with Katie, and she needed website copywriting for photographers to go along with it! 

The Before: 

Katie knows that website copywriting for photographers is a crucial element of having a website strategy that works for your brand! 

So she helped me educate Melanie on alllll the good that website copy can do. 

And after I talked with Melanie, it was clear of one thing: she wanted compelling website copywriting to help attract her dreamiest clients for her new brand and site. 

And like I always say! Your website design and visual branding? It does so much to attract your clients’ attention. But your website copywriting? That keeps their attention! 

The Transformation: 

We jumped on a 1:1 strategy call together and chatted more about her new branding and what she does as a photographer. 

And in a call full of cuttin’ up, laughing, and having a grand ol’ time, Melanie mentioned she loved talking through all of my research questions because it helped her understand her brand even more! 

That’s what got her saying,

“I have a better sense of my brand voice after going through the very thorough kickoff call, questions, and copy drafts. Huge bonus as I consider thoughtful social content leading up to my website launch!” 

Melanie Foster Photography
A screenshot of Melanie Foster Photography's about page after working with Sipsy Ink's website copywriting for photographers service

The After: 

With the Sipsy Ink website copywriting process of market research, keyword research, and two rounds of copy drafts done, it was time for the Melanie Foster Photography reveal! 

Melanie has brand new website copywriting for photographers on her site. And it’s full of carefully curated language designed to attract her dream clients as an OU senior and family photographer! 

A screenshot of Melanie Foster Photography's investment page on her website after working with Sipsy Ink's website copywriting for photographers service.

Are you thinking of website copywriting for photographers for your own brand? Well kick FOMO to the curb because you can snag it, too! 

We can hop on a complimentary discovery call to chat about how website copywriting can help you do things like: 

Don’t worry – this complimentary call is 100% ZERO obligation. No pressure, no worries. 

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