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Copywriting for Wedding Planners | Classy Affairs Weddings & Events

There is something so magical when you get to work with your favorite type of client. Seriously. 

It’s like my heart just swells with joy when I get on a video call with a potential client, and I instantly know “yep! That’s a dream client to work with.” 

And that’s exactly what happened when I hopped on the first call with Tanya from Classy Affairs Weddings & Events!

She came to me from Katie at The Kate Collective (who I did website copywriting for as a branding strategist!). And from the get-go, I knew I couldn’t wait to write her website. 

And voila! Copywriting for wedding planners was born! 

A screenshot of website copywriting for wedding planners on Classy Affairs and Events website.

Classy Affairs & Events | Website Copywriting for Wedding Planners: The Before

When Tanya and I decided on the website copywriting for wedding planners project, we first discussed what problems she was running into. 

Right off the bat, she said she needed wording that was more attractive to her prospective clients. 

I knew exactly what she was talking about! And I told her how she was clearly a dream client of mine – and look what drew her in! The website copywriting on my own site. 

The Transformation for Website Copywriting for Wedding Planners:

As soon as we got started on our project, I dove into the research phase of the copywriting process.  

That was truly how I learned more about Tanya and the incredible business she’s built. From research questionnaires to strategy calls where we dissected everything, I soaked up everything I could about her and Classy Affairs. 

We went over:

  • Her brand voice and how she wants to sound to her potential clients
  • Her ideal client and what they’re like so we can use language that makes them say, “omg, that’s so me!” 
  • Tidbits about Tanya’s lifestyle and personality so we could create personality-packed copywriting. That gets her clients saying things like “you sound exactly the way I thought you would!” 

And I completely credit the research phase of my process to her saying, 

“I felt like you understood me, my vision, and my voice to be able to represent me and my wording for my website.” 


Yes, I absolutely did a happy dance when I got that message. 

The about page of Classy Affairs Weddings and Events website copywriting.

The After for Website Copywriting for Wedding Planners:

After two rounds of edits for Tanya’s website copywriting for wedding planners, she had the perfect words for her brand! 

Not only that, but she’s said that her website copywriting (paired with amazing brand strategy and website design)  is attracting her dreamiest clients! 

She’s booked through the end of the year (already!) and into next year. And the majority of the people who have reached out are exactly the kind of people she wants to work with! 

The higher paying clients who are obsessed with having the wedding of their dreams and who know they need a wedding planner to get them there. 

A screenshot of a services page for website copywriting for wedding planners.

Are you thinking of website copywriting for wedding planners for your own brand? Sometimes, you’ve gotta turn inwards and think about what your brand needs. Maybe it’s not the right time to invest, and you need to DIY your website copywriting. 

But maybe now is the right time to go with a professional wedding copywriter! And if that’s the case, then you can count on me to give ya: 

  • Strategic copywriting designed to communicate your services clearly and turn readers into leads! 
  • Match your website copywriting to your brand voice so it sounds like you! 

And with that? You can do what some of my other clients have done, like:

Sound like somethin’ you need to know more about? Let’s hop on a complimentary discovery call! 

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