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The Top 5 Showit Designers I Would Trust with My Creative Small Business

It’s something I’m always willing to talk about with my clients – the idea that copywriting and website design go hand-in-hand. 

I’m talking about long, romantic walks to the refrigerator hand-in-hand. Yeah – the real deal! (More on that in a minute.)

My favorite platform is none other than Showit. So, I’ve rounded up the top 5 Showit designers I would trust with my creative small business.

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What is Showit? 

In case you don’t know yet, Showit is a website platform like Squarespace or WordPress. The beauty of Showit, though, is that it’s a drag-and-drop platform. 

So instead of needing to know how to code, it’s as simple as dragging and dropping elements until it looks right. 

In my mind, that makes Showit one of the best website platforms for visual people like us creatives. 

Why Do I Recommend Investing in a Showit Website Designer with Your Website Copywriting? 

Well, I usually explain it like this: 

Your website design and branding (aka – the visual components of your brand) are the first things your unicorn clients see. They have the job of grabbing attention like ASAP. 

Your website copy has the tough job of keeping it. 

But they both have a job to do when it comes to converting those unicorn leads into unicorn clients. 

That’s why I will always highly recommend my clients invest in a designer when they look at investing in website copywriting. 

The Top 5 Showit Designers I Would Trust with My Creative Small Business: 

Over the years I’ve been in business, I’ve had the privilege of creating incredible relationships with many Showit designers. And many of them, I’ve collaborated with to develop amazing websites so our clients can give their clients the best possible first impression. 

Some of these Showit designers I haven’t worked with before. But I’ve followed them for a long time on Instagram or on their blogs, and I feel as though they are truly trustworthy in creating a gorgeous website experience. But I will also tell you if I have or haven’t worked with a particular Showit website designer. 

So without further ado! Let’s get into it: 

(By the way – this list is in no particular order!) 

1. Saltd Studio

First up, we’ve got my amazing friend Emma from Saltd Studio. While we haven’t worked on client projects together (yet), she and I have worked together on parts of her website copy. We’re also in the process of some big collaborations (stay tuned!). 

I don’t know about you, but one of the big defining factors in whether or not I invest in someone is the relationship I feel  I can create with them. 

I mean, yes, the design is super important when you’re investing in a Showit website designer. And I, of course, check out their portfolio to make sure it’s along the lines of what I’m looking for. 

But I also want to know that if we work together, we’ll vibe. They won’t overrun me with their thoughts, ideas, and advice so that, in the end, I get something I don’t really love. I’m looking for someone that listens to me, takes my thoughts and preferences into account, and builds a design based on my brand strategy. 

And that’s what you’ll find with Emma. 

She is so personable that you won’t be able to help but become fast friends with her. So not only are you walking away with an incredible website design, but you’re also walking away with another friend in the entrepreneurial world. 

2. Kate Collective Design

Next, I’m sharing another friend of mine, Katie from The Kate Collective. I’ve had the pleasure of working with her on multiple projects, like Melanie Foster Photography’s website, Classy Affairs Weddings and Events’ website, and Nicole Taylor Events’ website! I also had the huge pleasure and honor of writing her website copy!

Katie is a true professional when it comes to her client experience. That’s something I don’t think should be taken for granted! Sure, there are plenty of amazing website designers out there, but they don’t show up for their clients the way Katie does. 

Another thing I love about Katie is how her family values blend into her work. She’s all about spending quality time with her family and making those core memories with her kids. 

And she knows her ideal client is looking for something similar in their lives. So she creates intentional brands and strategic Showit website designs to make sure your site does its job. That way you can have more time for your family – instead of constantly having to work on your business.

iPad mockups of website from Showit designer, The Kate Collective

3. Octavia Elease Designs

Next on this list of Showit designers, I’m sharing Octavia Elease Designs with you. Octavia and I haven’t worked together on a project (although, I am dreaming of the day!). But I’ve followed her for a long time on Instagram. She and I have also connected over a mutual love of University of Georgia (goooo dawgs!). 

But what immediately drew me to Octavia is her incredible Showit website designs. They are nothing short of spectacular. If your brand strategy involves brightness, cheerfulness, vibrancy, and a spark of joy then you cannot go wrong in investing in her. 

4. Make Waves Creative Studio

Sometimes, I get sucked into the endless scroll of Instagram (lol, who doesn’t!?). And the algorithm has tailored a lot of my feed to show me the incredible website designers and brand strategists out there. 

Sometimes the designs and the website styles… they start to blend together. Just like with any industry, there are certain trends that everyone jumps on. 

That is not Dani. Dani, from Make Waves Creative Studio, has such a unique, bohemian, surfer-gal vibe to her work that I drool over every time I look at her posts or her website. 

So if you’re looking for a Showit designer that is not afraid to get your website standing out (instead of blending in), then Dani is your gal. By the way, she and I haven’t yet collaborated on a website project – but I’m dying to. 

And considering she and I are both all about turning heads and making waves in your industry… well, clearly we’re a match made in heaven for your website copywriting and design team! (; 

5. Studio Crescent Co.

Last (but, holy cow, not least) on my list of the top Showit designers I’d trust with my creative small business is Jess from Studio Crescent. 

She and I haven’t worked together (yet!), but I have been in loooove with her website designs for a long time now. 

She identifies as crafting and creating laid-back luxury designs for wedding professionals and service professionals. And ummm… yes, please! 

That’s the exact kind of vibe that I live for when it comes to my clients (peep the laid-back, resort vibe on my own site). 

And she absolutely delivers. Just check out her site! There’s something about the typography, the thin lines, and the perfect alignment and spacing – it’s all just *chef’s kiss.* 

So if you’re looking to emulate that laid-back luxury (that attracts laid-back, luxury clients) as a wedding pro or service pro – Jess needs to be your go-to! 

The Top 5 Showit Template Designers I Would Give (and Have Given!) My Money To:

Sometimes investing in a full-blown website overhaul isn’t in the cards (yet). I understand that investing in both website copywriting and web design is a chunk of change. 

So if you’re not quite ready for a custom Showit website design, then I highly recommend going for the next best thing: Showit templates. 

There are a ton of incredible Showit templates out there. In fact, Showit even has many of those for sale on their site. 

But after years of searching and tweaking my website, I’ve gotten familiar with the top Showit template designers out there. These are the ones I would give (and have given!) my money to: 

1. Tonic Site Shop

I don’t think any list of Showit template designers would be complete if Tonic Site Shop wasn’t on there. 

They are one of the most well-known template designers on the internet. And for good reason! All of their high end website templates are created with strategy in mind so your unicorn clients are instantly drawn to your website. 

They’re perfect Showit templates for photographers, wedding professionals, creative small businesses, and so much more. You cannot go wrong with one of their templates! 

By the way – my current website is made using a vintage Tonic Site Shop template (the Amaretto Sour). So I’m speaking from experience!

2. Davey & Krista

Next up, Davey & Krista are also incredible Showit template designers that have amazing designs for your brand. 

All of their designs are clean and crisp, which is perfect for photographers, wedding professionals, and more that are looking for that editorial vibe. 

My previous website was built off a Davey & Krista template, so I also have experience with them! 

3. Elizabeth McCravy

Although I haven’t personally used an Elizabeth McCravy Showit template, I would recommend her templates to just about anyone! 

Similar to Tonic Site Shop, Elizabeth McCravy creates beautiful, high end website templates. But what makes her stand out is the brightness and vibrancy she incorporates into all of her designs! 

In a world of muted, minimalistic designs, Elizabeth McCravy’s designs are total stand-outs. And you know that around here (aka – at Sipsy Ink), we’re all about using brand strategy, design, and copywriting to make your brand a head-turner instead of succumbing to the IG doom scroll. 

4. Maha Copy Co.

I adore Madison and Haley from Maha Copy Co. They have always been so warm and inviting when it comes to making friends in the copywriting world. 

And I was beyond thrilled to see that they have launched their own Showit templates because they’ve done something I have yet to see any other Showit website template designer do. 

They’ve created these designs with copywriting in mind first. As copywriters themselves, they know the importance of having designs that work around words. 

Because in the end, it’s the words that do the selling. Not the design (sorry!). 

So these templates do what others…haven’t really thought of yet! 

5. Studio Humankind

And finally on my list of the top Showit templates, we have Studio Humankind. I’ve recommended Lauren’s templates to a few of my clients in the past, such as Awareness for Autism’s website, because she’s phenomenal at creating templates that are perfect for nonprofits and do-good brands. 

Ultimately, I’m firmly in the camp that amazing website copywriting needs to be backed by incredible website design (and vice versa). 

The two are stronger together than PB&J or macaroni and cheese or tacos and tequila. 

So if you’re planning on investing in website copywriting that does work for your brand, then I highly recommend backing it up with one of these top Showit designers or Showit templates! 

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