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Top 4 Easy Copywriting Tips For The Busy Entrepreneur

Are you that busy entrepreneur running around with cold coffee in hand trying to figure out how the heck you’re supposed to find the time to write effective copy? 

It can feel overwhelming to learn about copywriting when you have a zillion other things you’re responsible for as a small business owner!

Hey there, I’m Isabelle, a copywriter for creative & health and wellness entrepreneurs over at Sparrow 25 Marketing, and I’m so excited to partner with Tristyn at Sipsy Ink! We love helping entrepreneurs, and I’m here to save you from the black hole of Googling, my friend. I compiled my top four easy copywriting tips for entrepreneurs into this blog.

Image of Isabelle Owens, a copywriter and marketer of Sparrow 25 Marketing.

Go heat up that cold cup of coffee (or fill up your empty water bottle if you’re like me) and get ready to learn how you can quickly implement these easy copywriting tips in your business today!

Always Write To Your Audience

Listen up because this first item on my list of easy copywriting tips is even more important than ranch with my pizza (IYKYK). 

You know when you drag your tired body to a spa and the soft music, relaxing aromatherapy wafting through the air, and rejuvenating massage speak straight to your soul? You feel seen and rejuvenated when you walk out of that spa because they know you. They know that you are tired, feel a little anxious, and have a sore neck from hunching over your computer. They create a safe space and follow up on their promise to give you relaxation and blessed relief from that neck pain. 

Great copywriting can do the same thing for your business when you write to your audience…and not about yourself. 

Your content is NOT about you. 

As Brandon Bell says, “Don’t let your articles become personal journals”.

Before you even start typing away, stop and identify who you are writing content for. Ask, “What pain or dream does my customer have right now at this very moment?” 

Think through recent conversations or online threads you saw of your audience sharing their struggles and victories. Write to your peeps using words that they use and use stories that are an accurate reflection of their life. 

When you start crafting content that resonates with your audience you’ll see results way quicker than if you’re pushing out copy that’s only a bullet journal of your life. 

Repurpose Content Like Your Life Depends On It

They say content is king, but I say recycling content is queen (Who runs the world? Girls). 

If you’re reading this because you are desperate for easy copywriting tips, this is for you. Your sanity depends on it.

Repurposing content allows you to write a core piece of content and reuse elements of that content on your website, email newsletter, video, social media, and even in your podcast. Nope, it’s not cheating, it’s working smart and efficiently. 

For example, I wrote this blog article which is acting as my core piece of content. I can then take this blog article and use it for my email and Instagram content. I can literally break this up into four different emails or social posts for each point of this article. Oh, and I can record a quick YouTube video using elements of this blog article as an outline. 

Nerd alert! My keyboard is starting to smoke as I excitedly pound away writing about repurposing content. Why? Because this is one of the most important elements for the busy entrepreneur on this easy copywriting tips list. Recycling content will give you back your time and save you from feeling overwhelmed and burned out. 

Write For The Platform 

Let me don my old woman voice and pipe and say, “Back in the day…” for the third item on this list of easy copywriting tips for entrepreneurs!

But for real. Back when you could only write 140 characters on Twitter, you had to think through every single word, emoji, and character in your Tweet. You were, in the most basic form, writing for the platform. 

When you write copy for social media, your blog, landing page, email newsletter, FAQs, or video scripts think with that platform in mind. 

For example, you’ll write longer-form content for your blog than you would on social media. When you write a video script, it will be different in language and syntax than your sales landing page.

As I pointed out before, repurpose content like your life depends on it—because your sanity does. However, make sure you are updating your content to reflect the personality of each platform. 

Here are a few key items to keep in mind when you’re posting for a platform:

  • That party emoji may not always be relevant – I think in emojis half the time but I have to reign myself in when I feel the urge to drop a party emoji as I craft a blog article. Emojis have a place in the world but use them when appropriate and when they add an appropriate level of communication. 
  • Don’t yell at your audience – I also think in All Caps a lot of the time (should I seek therapy for this?!), but I’m not writing in All Caps all the time. That would be annoying, right? 

All Caps can be very powerful in communicating certain words you want to use to emphasize. When you’re posting on Instagram, you can get away with a whole sentence in All Caps depending on the context. But on your website? Bold that sentence, baby.

  • Play with sentence length – Typically, the shorter the sentence length the better. However, if you’re posting on social media, that’s the holy grail. Use shorter sentences or even one-word sentences on social to get your point across. If you’re writing a video script or website copy, play around more with longer sentences.

Writing copy specifically for a media platform is like knowing how to act socially at your grandma’s Sunday dinner vs. a night out with your friends.

 It’s still you, you’re just letting different parts of your personality shine. 

Don’t Be Afraid To Ask For Help

You have to put your ego in check for the last item on my easy copywriting tips list. 

As a busy and successful entrepreneur, you’re used to figuring things out on your own. You own your own business and that means solving so many problems you never even knew existed (um…taxes anybody?!). But there comes a certain point when you need to stop doggy paddling in the ocean and ask for a lifesaver. 

If you’re tired of avoiding writing your email newsletter, you wish you were connecting with your audience better on social media, or you stopped creating your blog because it took up so much of your time, ask for help. 

Push that ego aside (I know, it can bruise) and take an inventory of your time. 

If the time that you spend writing copy for your business could be better spent on client work or getting new sales, that’s your flashing alert sign to partner with a copywriter. Asking for help doesn’t mean that you’re giving away your business. It may be something simple like asking for tips to write better Instagram captions or outsourcing a larger copy project like revamping your website copy. 

You got this, friend! Easy copywriting tips for entrepreneurs exist out here in the big world of the Internet because you’re kickin’ butt at running your business and challenging yourself in new areas of business. 
Love this list but think you need more than easy copywriting tips? If you’re feeling lost with your brand copy, reach out! Tristyn here at Sipsy Ink is a literal mermaid helping creatives create kickass copy. You can find me over at or give me a  follow on Instagram at @sparrow_25_marketing for tips to create bold and fun copy that converts.

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