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Top 5 Blog Post Ideas for Bridal Salons (Plus Potential Keywords to Focus on for SEO!)

Mother of the bride buttons bride into her wedding gown

Blogging about the same topic can get difficult pretty quickly. It’s time consuming and sometimes you feel like you’re saying the same thing over and over again. 

What are you even supposed to write about? And how many times can you talk about your latest weddings before it gets to be too boring for your readers? After all, they are wanting to envision themselves working with you, not other couples. 

And as you publish post after post, you have to start wondering if that’s the best way to reach new readers. Are they searching for those same keywords over and over again? Or are they branching out and trying to find answers to other questions they have? 

Writing educational and evergreen posts is a great way to break out of that rut of what feels boring and overdone. 

So, if you’re a bridal salon providing gorgeous bridal gowns for your readers, here are a few ideas for what to write about to bring more traffic to your wedding site! (And more traffic = more potential brides.)

Blog Post Ideas for Bridal Salons

If you’re struggling with what to write next for your wedding business blog, I’ve gotcha covered. 

The Ultimate Guide to the Best Bridal Gowns for Every Shape and Size

  • Keywords to focus on: bridal gown for [adjective] shape

Brides come in every shape and size, but not every single one will know what might be a gorgeous fit for her body. 

Use this post to educate your bride on what to look for when she goes bridal gown shopping. 

Be sure to include photos of different bridal gown styles so she can see exactly what you’re talking about! 

[Number] Things to Know Before Your Wedding Gown Appointment

  • Keywords to focus on: what to know before buying a wedding dress

I will always say this — just about every single bride has dreamed of her wedding before. But not every single one has actually planned a wedding before. And that’s a crucial key element that you should know! 

Brides know they need to pick out a wedding gown, but they might not know what questions to ask a salon before they make their appointment. 

Educate them on what they should consider when finding their perfect bridal salon! 

Our [Number] Favorite Wedding Gown Trends for 2021 

  • Keywords to focus on: wedding gown trends 2021

I think just about every bride wants to know what the trends are for the upcoming wedding season. Not every single one will follow those trends, but they still probably want to be in-the-know! 

By writing a blog post of your favorite wedding gown trends for the upcoming season, you’ll educate her a little more on what to look for as she’s wedding dress shopping. 

Consider making this one a “listicle” that’s easy to skim and scan. Give her plenty of pictures of gowns from your own bridal salon so she can see the trends, styles, and what you have to offer! 

Wedding Planning Timeline: When Should You Make Your Bridal Gown Appointment?

  • Keywords to focus on: when should you buy your wedding gown

Like I mentioned earlier – most brides haven’t planned a wedding before. So they really might not know the timeline for when to pick out and order a wedding gown! (I didn’t! And I bought mine literally two months before my wedding date. *cue internal screaming*)

Come up with a blog post that discusses a standard wedding planning timeline, and when the appropriate time to pick out a wedding gown is. And be sure to explain why she needs to do it at a certain time! 

You’ve Picked Your Wedding Gown, Now What Jewelry Should You Choose to Go With It? 

  • Keywords to focus on: wedding day jewelry, best wedding day jewelry to wear with my dress style

What is a gorgeous wedding dress without accessories? Help your brides out by creating a blog post that touches on the different kinds of wedding day accessories she can choose from. 

And better yet – touch on what types of jewelry go best with what dress styles. Educate your bride on how she can accentuate her gorgeous new wedding dress with accessories! 

Writing up blog posts is so much easier when you have a direction you know you want to follow. If you at least have a good topic in mind, coming up with the content doesn’t seem nearly as daunting! 

So, hopefully these blog post ideas for bridal salons will help you come up with some great new content! 
But, I completely understand that you might not have the time to sit down and write a fully fleshed out evergreen article. If that’s the case, let me know! I’m more than happy to help you out.

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