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The Top 3 Huge Mistakes You Might Be Making on Your About Page

There are two kinds of people – the one who thinks writing an about page for their wedding business is so exciting that they can’t cram in enough words. 

And the one who feels so much anxiety about it that they never get around to doing it. 

I understand both feelings! It’s so exciting when you get to talk about what you’re passionate about. But it can also be difficult to chat about you, especially when you’re not really sure who’s reading it. 

So, let’s address the first thing:

Does your wedding website need an about page? 

Absolutely, yes! And here’s why:

First, your wedding website is a place where your reader can get a clear idea of how you help fix their problem or pain they’re having.

Second, once they realize how you can help them, then they start to get a feel for you and how you’ll fit in with their wedding day vision. 

The about page acts as a combination of those two. Your reader can visualize how you help them, and they start to get a better feel for you.

When you’re ready to write your about page for your wedding website, there’s a few things you need to know. 

Here are three huge mistakes to avoid when writing an about page, or to fix if you’ve already written yours! 

About Page Mistake No. 1: You’ve made your “about” page too much about you! 

Let’s not forget what the purpose of your website is. It’s to build a connection with your reader so they feel like you’re “the one.” So they’ll say yes to your wedding experience! 

And I don’t mean only some pages of your website. I don’t mean just your services page and your home page. 

I seriously mean every. single. page. of your website. 

All of the words on every page of your website should be designed and curated to move your reader into your inbox. 

So, probably the biggest mistake I see wedding professionals make when it comes to their about page is keeping that page solely about them. When it shouldn’t be! 

Your about page should absolutely start with your reader in mind. That means, the very first thing they see on the page should remind them why they’re here. Why are they on your website. What pain or problem are they having that brought them to you? 

That’s not to say you can’t include information about you and your business on your about page! You absolutely should. Copywriting for the wedding industry is a unique task since most readers are wanting to feel a genuine connection with their vendors. 

So, by all means, include information about you on your about page! But, frame it so that you’re second and your reader is first. 

The Fix

Remind your reader why they’re on your page. Paint a crystal clear picture of the problem or pain they’re having! When you do that, you draw them back in, all over again. 

Once you’ve touched more on them, then you can introduce yourself as the solution to the pain or problem they’re having. 

Don’t forget – keep your copywriting conversational and true-to-you. Nothing robotic. Nothing too stuffy. And try to steer clear of any jargon-y language. That’ll help build a genuine connection with them!

About Page Mistake No. 2: You’re not pushing your page to sell your services. 

Now, I could be wrong, here. But, I think a lot of people, wedding pros included, use their about page as a “break” from selling because they have this preconceived idea that selling is bad. 

I get it – I mean, when we think of “selling” our products or services, we shy away from it because we immediately come up with the image of that used car salesman who’s too pushy. 

You know which one I’m talking about. The one who comes out in a cheap suit and tennis shoes. A gold chain around his neck. Reeking of stale cigarettes. And he always says, “Okay, what can I do to get you in a car today?” 

I want to be clear here. Selling does not need to be like that. At all. 

Selling, when done properly, is more about educating your reader on your service and allowing them to make the best decision for themselves. 

As a wedding professional (and therefore more than likely a small business owner), you have to sell your services for your reader. There’s no way around it.

And to do it, you need to present your services to your reader and educate them properly. Your about page is a perfect place to do that. 

The Fix

Even on your about page, continue to remind your reader how you can help them with whatever wedding problem or pain they’re having. 

It doesn’t have to be a full sales page. It just needs to be a reminder that you’re here for them in whatever capacity you can be! 

About Page Mistake No. 3: You’re not telling your reader where to go next. 

The whole point behind copywriting is to get your reader to do something. It’s to have them so invested in what you’re talking about they’re willing to take the next step. 

Sometimes? That next step is nothing more than clicking to the appropriate page. 

But your reader, more than likely, won’t take the next step if you don’t clearly lay it out for them. And, when you don’t lay it out for them, they’ll scroll all the way back up to the top of the page to find out where to go next from your navigation bar. 

Here’s the problem with that strategy: It pulls them out of the flow of your copy. You’ve worked so hard to suck them into the picture you’ve painted for them, only to have them break out of the dreamstate you’ve given them. 

That means when they get to the next page, you have to start all over and work twice as hard to get them back into that dreamstate again. 

The Fix

This one is super simple and easy! 

Tell them exactly what to do next at the bottom of your about page. 

If you want them to head over to your wedding services page so they can see exactly what you can do for them, tell them that. And give them a clear button to click so they can get there easily. 

These three pointers aren’t just me talking, I promise. They’re proven ways to get more readers in your inbox. So, keep these in mind as you’re writing the copy for your about page. They will help set you apart from the others in your wedding niche!

And if writing your about page or any of the copy for your wedding website still has you jittery (which is completely and totally understandable!), let me know! I’m here to help you in any way I can. 

Let’s talk about wedding copywriting!

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