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NEW: The Sipsy Ink Re-Brand as a Copywriter for Creatives (And the Interesting Scoop Behind the Octopus)

I loved working solely as a wedding copywriter. But I wanted to broaden my horizons, if ya will. There were so many creative and purpose-driven brands that I wanted to work with. 

So once I finally got to the point where I needed a branding strategist makeover, I snagged my opportunity to work with Whitney at The WildHive Studio. 

And now I’m spillin’ the ink on how I chose Whitney in the first place and why I decided to re-brand myself as a copywriter for creatives and purpose-driven brands. Plus, I’m telling the story behind the octopus in my logo!

How I Chose My Branding Strategist

I knew I wanted to hire a brand strategist almost from day one. As soon as I started my business, I was excited about getting to the point where I was ready to hire a brand strategist and designer. 

So I started following a few on Instagram (naturally). They post visual work, Instagram is a visual platform, and boombam, you can work out the rest. 

Several grabbed my attention, and I reached out to a few. 

But it was when I got on a discovery call with Whitney at The WildHive Studio that I realized – she’s it. She’s my brand strategist and designer. 

We hit it off from the start (or at least I think so!). We’re both INFJs. We’re animal lovers and outdoorsy types. She loves to go hiking, I love to do anything on the water. It was like … the outdoor yin to my yang. 

More than anything, though, was her confidence. Her knowledge and expertise. And her ability to put you at ease. 

I looked at a few other designers just to be sure. And I didn’t feel like I could trust any of them the way I already trusted Whitney. 

And if I’m being honest, it took me several months before I was able to get on her books. Like, I reached out to her in December of 2019 and we didn’t start our project until June of 2021. 

But. Hot. Damn. Was it worth the wait. 

From her client experience and project process to the deliverables themselves. Everything was spot on for what I hoped my brand could be. 

So, if you’re looking for a full blown brand strategy for your business? You cannot go wrong with Whitney. 

Why I Decided to Re-Brand to Copywriting for Creatives and Purpose-Driven Brands

When I started Sipsy Ink, I intentionally marketed myself as a copywriter for wedding professionals. There weren’t many copywriters who dedicated themselves to solely writing for the wedding industry. So I felt there was a little hole I could plug! 

Now, don’t it twisted. I LOVED (and still love!) writing for wedding pros. There are so many talented and amazing people in the industry. And who doesn’t want to be a part of the industry that creates such magical days! *swoony heart eyes* 

So, why the re-brand then? 

While I was talking to Whitney, my branding strategist, we worked to figure out all the different kinds of businesses and brands I want to work with. 

I told her about my experience as a writer at Georgia Aquarium. And how I missed the feeling I had when I worked there. The feeling of “man, I can’t believe I have a hand in leaving this world a better place.”

I believe that phrase has many meanings. Leaving the world better than we found it can mean doing your part in recycling. It can mean donating to a charity or organization that holds a special place in your heart. 

It can also mean bringing someone joy each and every day through your handmade products. Or taking the stress off of someone’s back by helping them plan their wedding. 

I wanted to branch out and help all kinds of businesses who love doing that. Who love leaving this world a little better off than when they found it. 

And that led me here! 

While I love working with my wedding pros (y’all are so amazing!), I’m expanding the Sipsy Ink brand to work with other professionals, too. 

So I’m thrilled to say I’ll be working as a copywriter for creative entrepreneurs + small businesses (including wedding professionals!) and purpose-driven brands! 

The Story Behind the Octopus in the Sipsy Ink Re-Brand

There’s actually a lot of meaning behind my octopus logo. (By the way, have I mentioned how amazing Whitney is? She designed it, obviously, and it couldn’t fit my brand strategy more.) 

So before I start into it, I should mention two things. 

One – my love of animals. I mean … my DEEP love of animals. If you’ve met me in person, then you know. And if you ever do meet me in person, just know that anytime I hear a jingle, I’ll immediately turn around looking for a dog. It’s like Pavlov – the jingle = a collar = a dog. And I’m instantly turning my head to find it. 

But it’s not just dogs. It’s all animals. I love them all. If I could be Jane from Tarzan, that’d be greeaaat. 

Two – my love of the ocean. Like, please universe, make ma pirate or a mermaid in my next life. Ooh! Or a sea witch! Like Calypso in Pirates of the Caribbean. That’d be f*cking cool. 

So, when I combined those two – my love of animals and my love of the ocean, I naturally gravitated towards sea animals. To combine the two, of course. 

I landed on an octopus, and here’s why: 

An octopus has ink. Which loops in with my brand name, duh. 

Plus, having an octopus also pays homage to my writing experience at Georgia Aquarium. Which is a huge proud moment for me. So I wanted to tie that in since that was my stepping stone to getting here. 

But one of the biggest reasons I wanted to use an octopus is because they camouflage. 
I claim that as a superpower. Thanks to my ADHD brain, I’m able to do it really fucking well. So like an octopus camouflages to blend in, I camouflage to match your brand when I write for you!

Oof, I’m so excited to be living the entrepreneur and small-business owner lifestyle! Especially now that I’ve got a brand strategy that feels more aligned to what I strongly believe in. 

And if you’re wanting to get to know me just a little bit more (*cheers to you for that, by the way*), then you can find a little more about me in a seashell here!

Save this one for later!

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