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Repurposing Blog Content: How to Make 24 Pieces of Content from 1 Blog Post

We ain’t got all the time in the world – especially as business owners! 

So, today? I’m giving you a tip that’ll make life a little easier for you when it comes to showing up and marketing yourself! 

Lemme explain how to repurpose blog content for social media and how you can turn one single blog post into (over) 24 pieces of content! 

But first…

A blog image of a girl sitting and writing on a laptop with the blog title, "repurposing blog content: how to make 24 pieces of content from 1 blog post."

What is repurposed content? 

Ooh, great question and I’m so glad you asked. Let’s say you write a kickass blog post for your brand. 

But now you’re like … well, I need to come up with more kickass content for every place I show up. 

Instead of trying to come up with brand-spankin’ new ideas on every social media platform, you can just take that one kickass blog post and use it for your next social posts. 

That is repurposed content!

And it. Is. A. Game-changer. 

A commentary gif from Survivor All-Stars with a contestant saying “this has the potential to be a massive game changer.”

Why is repurposing blog content so important? 

Okay, but why is repurposing blog content for social media such a game changer? You’re full of awesome questions today!

Personally, I think repurposing blog content is important for two reasons: 

Lets you hustle sustainably

I have a hot take on the hustle culture, especially the hustle culture in small businesses. 

At one point, everyone was all about that hustle. All about that grind, baybeee! 

And that was absolutely burning everyone out. So, hustle culture in and of itself? Suuucks. 

But then we moved into a trend of “don’t hustle!” Like at all. Never hustle. 

I don’t really agree with that, either, though. Because to be small business owners, to be entrepreneurs or solopreneurs. To have our own brands, build our businesses, and find our own definition of success, we have to hustle at least a little bit. 

That doesn’t mean we have to use the toxic hustle culture, though! Which is why I like the idea of hustling sustainably. Btw – if you didn’t know, I’m all about sustainability. You can check that out in my brand values, here!

To me, hustling sustainably means we recognize that we are going to have to put effort into our businesses, even when we don’t want to or don’t feel like it. We are going to have to make sacrifices here and there – because that’s part of being a business owner. 

But we can make it easier on ourselves if we work smarter, not harder. That’s where the sustainable hustle comes into play! 

When it comes to repurposing blog content for social media, you’re not doing double the work. You’re not writing a blog post and then separate social media posts. 

You’re using the one blog post and then taking the same ideas (or even the exact same words!), and showing up wherever else you do your marketing. 

And by doing that, you’re spreadin’ out your eggs into alllll the baskets!  

Saves brainpower!

A gif of a creature from Labyrinth saying “how’s that for brain power.”

I don’t know about you, but like … my brain works on limited time each day. Like I can crank out a post or two. 

And then I’m tapped out, creatively. 

So when you’re trying to write double the posts, you’re using up double the brainpower. 

Girl, save that brainpower! Write one post, and reuse it so you’re not trying to come up with a million different ideas! 

How to repurpose blog content for social media:

Alright, alright, we know why it’s important to do this. 

But how do you repurpose blog content for social media? I gotchu. Here’s how I repurpose blog content for social media (and how you can, too!):

Start with your blog post first 

First, lay your foundation. Start with your blog post, and use it as the root of the rest of your social media strategy. 

Now you might be thinking … um, why? 

I recommend repurposing blog content for two reasons: 

For starters – you’ve gotta do all your research beforehand. Especially if you’re doing an educational post for your readers! Plus, you’ll have to do a little bit of keyword research on Google for this, which can translate to social media platforms. So your research is all laid out in your blog post. 

And second – your blog post is typically longer than any other post you create for other social media platforms. So when you start with your blog post, you can then chunk it out into bite-sized pieces. 

It’s easier to take a longer post and split it up than it is to take a shorter post and expand on it. 

Then create 3-5 Pinterest pins 

For every blog post you write up, you can use Pinterest to drive traffic to it. It’s like a mini-SEO tool! So while you’re playing the long game with Google, you can already start to get some attention on your brand new blog posts with Pinterest SEO.

For each blog post, Pinterest strategists recommend creating at least 3 Pinterest pins. But they do recommend doing 5 pins to really get your site traffic up! 

Pull bite-sized chunks of your blog post content for 3-5 Instagram posts

I always tell my blogging clients to do this, and it seriously works for them. Because instead of sitting at a keyboard for 3 hours trying to figure out what to say for their next Instagram post? 

They literally copy small chunks of their blog post and plop it into the Instagram caption box.

And I do this very same thing! Like that section on hustling sustainably? Check my Instagram page because it’ll be up there soon! 

You can easily make 3-5 Instagram posts from one single blog post. Use your subheading sections to create individual posts on the ‘gram. 

And if you write up longer educational posts, you can make even more IG posts! 

Repurpose those posts into 2-3 IG Reels

Okay, with those 3-5 Instagram posts made up, let’s repurpose those a little bit, too. Take those ideas and turn them into Reels. No dancing required! Maybe make a quick training video. 

In my content marketing strategy, I’m repurposing my blog content on keyword research into a mini-training for Reels. 

Share your IG posts to Facebook, too! 

Don’t forget to share those IG posts on Facebook, too! Instagram makes it super easy to do it. Just flip the tab on for sharing to FB when you post on the ‘gram. 

That instantly doubles your number of repurposed blog content!  

Use your blog content to inspire 6-8 Instagram stories

And let’s not forget about Instagram stories, either! 

They’re so quick and easy, you can create several of these from repurposed blog content with no problem. 

Maybe one IG story is just you sharing that you’ve posted to your blog and giving a link! Another could be you quickly explaining what the blog post is about. 

Then later on, you can pull out the super important parts of your blog post, and create IG stories that go into more detail. Or you can open up a discussion with your viewers by including engagement stickers! 

Where else can you repurpose blog content? 

Your blog content doesn’t have to stick to your blog or your Instagram account. You can repurpose it in plenty of other ways. Here are 10 more ways to do it: 

A gif of spongebob with a rainbow as he moves his hands.
  • Repurpose your blog content by using it as a script for your next YouTube video
  • Repurpose your blog content by using it as a script for your next Podcast episode
  • Write up half of a blog post. Publish the first half on your blog, and then use the second half to encourage people to sign up for your email list. You can tell them they can get the second half of your valuable content if they sign up! It’s an easy way to land more email subscribers!
  • Publish your same blog post to Medium and Quora so you can get some backlinks to your site!
  • Collaborate with someone in a related niche and swap guest blog posts (like Shannon Pruitt did with me, here!)
  • Repurpose your IG Reels to TikTok!
  • Turn several similar blog posts into an eBook and use that as a lead magnet for your email list! 
  • Use some of your blog content for social media ad copy
  • Send out updates in your email newsletter for subscribers who are already on your list
  • Market yourself by sharing it in Facebook groups you’re in

We’re working on borrowed time when it comes to marketing ourselves and doing all the business-y things. 

And I think a lot of us think we have to come up with fresh, new ideas every time we post somewhere. 

But that’s not always the case! Repurposing blog content for social media is an excellent way to maximize our time and hustle sustainably! 

Btw – if you’d rather skip the leg work of doing all the research and writing the blog post itself, I can help you there! I’ll do the hardest part, and then you can repurpose your blog content however you’d like to. It’s as simple as hitting copy and paste! 

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