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Peaches N' Cream Weddings is a wedding planning brand based in Toronto, Canada. And when Dora reached out to me, she was already going through the motions of booking a website designer. 

She had been in the wedding planning industry for a little over 2 years, and she'd already nailed down her unicorn type of client. 

And she knew that she needed the right website copywriting to make sure she could attract those dream clients and direct them straight to her inbox. That's where I stepped in to help! 


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Dreamy, Cheerful, Elegant yet Upbeat

The Plane Ticket

Dora and I jumped on our strategy call so we could chat more about the Peaches N' Cream Weddings brand. Like with every project, I wanted to spend time diving deep into her brand, her ideal clients, and get crystal clear on how to write for her brand. 

That included figuring out her brand voice (duh)! Because what I've found with many of my clients, especially when they first tell me that "they've tried writing their copy before, but it just never turns out right," is that they don't have that foundational messaging and voice nailed down. 

Since that's the root of what you say and how you say it, it's so crucial that I understand it before writing even the first draft of copy. And that we did! We discovered her brand voice as dreamy and cheerful, elegant yet upbeat. So we included language like her dreamy main page headline, "Fall in love with your wedding day." And we added the cheeriness and upbeat language, like saying, "All you need to think about is where your next glass of champagne is on the wedding day. (But, we’ll fill that for you!)"

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Website Copywriting

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The Destination

I love how including discovering a brand's true messaging and voice allows me to craft copywriting that my clients love. They see themselves in it. They see their ideal clients in it. They see their brand in it. 

And Dora was no exception! She immediately responded to her first draft by saying, 

"I honestly love it! It sounds just like me and it answers all the questions I wanted answered. I can’t imagine my ideal client would read this and not want to book immediately." 

While I always work hard to create copy that my clients love, I truly do attribute nailing website copy in one go (with minor edits to make!) to including brand messaging and voice into the entire project!

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