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New Website Copywriting + Design, Who ‘Dis? 

Around here, we (meaning… me, lol) believe that there is no better place than the beach, no outfit is complete without at least a little bit of dog hair. 

And, of course, no full brand is finished without new website copywriting (and design). 

So weeelllcome to the new Sipsy Ink. Come on in – take a look around! 

Why the New Website Copywriting and Design? 

By the end of 2022, I knew a few things about Sipsy Ink: 

  1. I was getting burned out – quick. Because I was taking on a lot of clients. And many clients who weren’t quite the Sipsy Ink unicorn. 
  2. I knew what I wanted when it came to a website. I knew the vibe. I knew what I wanted my clients to feel. But I wasn’t quite sure how to get there. 
  3. Because I already knew I wasn’t quite sure how to get there with my site and copywriting, that only meant one thing. I needed to revisit who my ideal client was.

So, I put my own process through the paces. I went through the exact copywriting process that I take my clients through with my signature Copy Cove Week. 

That included the deep dive research questionnaire, where I dig into who my ideal client is. And it included revamping and further developing my brand messaging and voice field guide! 

But I’m not under any impression that it’s easy to do this alone for your own brand. We all have our own blind spots in our businesses. 

Asking yourself these questions – without a sounding board – makes it infinitely harder. So, if you’ve ever felt like you’re freakin’ driving the dang struggle bus while trying to  do your website copywriting yourself,, just know that you’re not alone! 

Even professional copywriters struggle with it! 

If you’re looking to outsource copywriting – just know that this is something I help you with, too in our Copy Cove Week projects! *raised hands emoji* 

3 Lessons Learned from Creating My New Website Copywriting and Design: 

One of the things I loved the most about re-doing my web copy and design? It gave me a renewed empathy for my clients! 

Now, I’m gonna tell ya. 

I’ve always viewed myself as a super empathetic person. I meet you where you are, and we work together from there. 

And in all of my projects, I make space for you to voice and express your opinion without any kind of judgment. Because – hello!? It’s your brand! It’s your baby! Nobody knows it like you do. 

But you know how it gets – when you do something day in and day out, you get accustomed to it. Even when clients don’t have the opportunity to work on it every single working day. 

So updating my site with new copywriting (and refreshing my vintage Tonic website design) gave me the chance to step into my clients’ shoes again! 

And hot. damn. 

It was a doozy. 

So I thought I’d break it down for ya in 3 lessons I learned along the way: 

1. Your Website Copywriting and Design Creates an Entire Experience for Your Ideal Client

Now, I’ve always been a strong advocate for copywriting and design going hand in hand (view this Instagram post to see). And for the years I’ve been in business, I’ve always expressed to my clients that if you’re going to invest in copywriting, you should also heavily consider investing in some kind of design. 

Whether that’s going with a website designer or a template, like my vintage Tonic website design (it’s the Amaretto Sour design, in case you were curious!), having some kind of design is important. 

And vice versa! So many business owners opt for finding their website designer first (no shame!). But then they arrive at one of three things: 

  1. The designer tells them to outsource copywriting to a pro (and thank goodness – they do)
  2. The client decides they’ll do it themselves (and thank goodness – they do)
  3. The client decides they’ll do it themselves…and then they never get around to it. 

But here’s what I truly learned when I created my new website copywriting and design – 

The two are so much more joined at the hip than I ever realized. Because yes, the design is centered around the copy (it’s literally what your brand designer is designing) and yes, design does look so beautiful and works to reel your client in. 

But when you have the two working together, you create an entire experience for your ideal client. 

For example, if you look at any headline on any page of my site, you’ll see the specific font choice. (No, I didn’t come up with the font choice myself – pls, don’t hire me for design services. Special crazy big thank you to Cassie the Creative Business Coach.) 

The Sipsy Ink new website copywriting portfolio page

That serif font, it’s Butler Light if you’re wondering, creates this upscale aesthetic. Combine that with the specific imagery on all of my pages, and you’re left with this peaceful, relaxing resort vibe where everything is uber serene (and tropical, duh). 

The reason? Well I’m showcasing to my readers that –

  1. Sipsy Ink is a boutique agency taking on upscale clients who are more established in their businesses (consider this the “resort style” of copywriting services)
  2. They’re going to get a stress-free copywriting experience and they’ll feel more relaxed because they’re not having to write the copy themselves

Then you pair that with the copy itself. It’s copy that showcases the personality of Sipsy Ink. It coincides with the aesthetics of the design and it gets the reader freakin’ excited to have customized, personalized copywriting!

All of it combined creates an entire experience for the ideal client. And that’s something I knew I wanted to really prioritize this time around as I was re-writing the copy and focusing on the design. 

(P.S. – I’ll update this blog post once the site’s been live for a while to let you know how the experience is working for potential clients!) 

2. You’ve Gotta Make It a Habit! 

Whether it’s your first time establishing your brand messaging and voice, or you’re refining it as your brand has evolved over the years.

Whether it’s your first time truly painting the picture of your ideal client, or you’re going through the steps again because your brand has shifted. 

Writing for your business takes practice. It takes developing a habit! As you write new copy using your brand messaging field guide (which, shameless plug, I include in my Copy Cove Week projects!), it takes practice to write in that particular style (even when it is close to your voice IRL). 

And you have to build a habit out of asking yourself questions like, 

  • Does this resonate with my ideal client? 
  • Is this language they would use? (Psst – this is different than language we might use for them) 
  • Would this be something they would care about? 
  • Why do they care about this? So what?
  • Is there something they would resonate with more than what I’ve written? 
New website copywriting feedback for the new Sipsy Ink website

Eventually, this becomes like second nature! So don’t worry if it feels like it’s … weird to start with. (Lol, it probably is weird to start with.) But it’s worth it to practice it enough so it becomes a habit. 

You’ll get more comfortable with creating content and copy that speaks directly to your ideal client! (can I get a wha-whaaat!)

Oh, and it certainly freakin’ helps if you have a brand swipe file – AKA your brand messaging field guide. 

3. Outsourcing? = More In Your Pocket

Outsourcing your copywriting (and design, if you’re not a designer) = more in your pocket: 

More time.  I knew my website didn’t reflect my ideal client…like at all (before this new one, of course). I created my site back in 2021, said “this will work for now,” and then let it do its thing. 

It brought in clients, although maybe not the true ideal clients I wanted to work with! 

But, creating a new one? Well, I put that on the back burner. Lol, #relatable? 

I was busy with other business stuff. Things like client projects. Admin work. Marketing. And of course, spending time outside of work! 

Although, at the end of 2022 – I was like, “okay. Enough’s enough. We’re starting the new year off fresh!” 

And I even told myself – in freakin’ November – “I’ll start early enough so that I can roll it out for the new year.” 

Lol, as I’m writing this – it’s the end of February. That’s how long it took me to do it myself. 

3 months. 3 months of doing client work during the day, and then working on my copy and design while watching Survivor re-runs in the evening. 

Even several weekends of telling my husband, “hey count me out on Saturday. I’m working on my website.” 

Don’t get me wrong, I am freakin’ proud of this site! But I’m also a pro copywriter – I do this day in and day out. And it still took me that long to get everything finished. 

So if you hate writing. If you’re struggling sounding like yourself in real life through your copy. Well, that’s going to eat up more of your time.* 

*see related: more sanity. 

More money. 

Okay, let’s be business owners here, right? And not to be cliche with the whole,  “you gotta spend money to make money…”


It’s kind of a thing. 

As in, when you invest in outsourcing copywriting – you have the opportunity to put more money in your pocket. You won’t have to eat up hours or days in your schedule. 

That frees up hours and days to take on more clients. So you get to focus on your zone of genius, while someone else (aka – your copywriter) gets to focus on theirs. 

And in the end (with the right writer), you’re left with – 

  • Clarity and confidence in brand foundations like your ideal client, your values, what makes you stand out
  • Brand messaging + voice nailed down (and in a pretty field guide – aka a swipe file for anything and everything you write for your brand from here on out)
  • New website copywriting for the main core pages of your site that sounds like you (you know – the way you do in real life. Not on the internet.)

More sanity (all the Lord’s people say, “Amen”).

I mean. I don’t think I even have to elaborate too much here, right? 

Because if you’ve got more money in your pocket. And if you’ve got more time in your pocket. 

Well your sanity is gonna stick around, too! 

Listen, if you’re tryin’ to zero in on your ideal client… 

If you’re tryin’ to figure out what sets you apart – and then effectively communicate that to your readers… 

If you’re tryin’ to revamp your website…  then take it from me. Because I was just in those trenches! Think on those 3 lessons and put ‘em to good use! 

And if you’re lookin’ for new website copywriting? 
Then, the Copy Cove Week was made for you!

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