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3 Super Easy Ways to Pack a Punch with Personality in Your Copywriting

Your 11th grade English teacher flat out lied to you, friendo. 

Like really.

All those 5 paragraph essays following a super-specific formula? The red marks on your page because you started a sentence with “and.” The notes in the margins because you didn’t start your last paragraph with, “in conclusion.” 

Big. Fat. Lies.

A Pinterest graphic with a woman wearing a yellow cardigan typing on a laptop and the title that says "3 super easy ways to pack a punch with personality in your copywriting."

Here’s the truth for you:

Nobody wants to read anything boring.


And that includes your:

  • copywriting on your website
  • emails you send out to your list
  • Instagram captions
  • blog posts

Think of it this way – 

When was the last time you stuck around to read something that made your eyes totally glaze over? 

(Willing to put high dollars on the fact that it’s been a hottt minute.)

So no matter what you’re writing for your brand, I gotcha covered. Use these top 3 easy ways to pack a punch with personality when you DIY your copywriting

Tip 01: Write like you’re talkin’ to your bestie.


Okay, imagine this: you open up an email and it says: 

“To whom it may concern, 

I am reaching out to you to discuss your eligibility for an extended warranty for your 2014 Honda CR-V.

Please contact me at your earliest convenience so we may converse more about this matter.” 

I dunno about you. But I’m blinking back tears, wishing I had a thumbtack in my hand to poke myself awake. 

That’s because people wanna read something that sounds natural. 

They want something they can connect with more. Something more engaging, so it keeps them around. 

Okay, new scenario. You open up your inbox to this: 

“Buying a brand new car sucks. 

Like, who wants to deal with a sleazy salesman who drenched himself in Drakkar Noir before coming into the office? 

*eye roll*

And who looks forward to sitting in those uncomfortable plastic chairs for hours on end? With a seat cushion that’s seriously flat as a pancake…” 

It’s a little more engaging, right? 

Because we’re getting a little more personal with it. It sounds like a much more natural conversation. 

So, the big-ticket question then – how do you write like that? I gotcha.

How to write conversationally – exercise 01:

The next time you sit down to write anything for your business – whether it’s your home page or it’s a new Instagram caption – do this exercise: 

Imagine you’re sitting down at your favorite restaurant with your best friend. Y’all are already a pitcher of (strong) margaritas in. And you’re telling her all about what you do and for who. 

Whatever you would say to her? That’s how you show up in your writing. 

(You can always edit out the drunkenness later.) 

How to write conversationally – exercise 02:

The next thing? Hone in on how you talk in conversations with anyone. 

Do you have an accent? (It’s okay if ya do – so does ya girl, right here!) Throw in some of that accent in your writing. Toss in a “y’all” if you say it.

Do you have any “isms” that you say all the time? Like, for example, I say “hype” and “hot damn,” a lottt. Use your “isms” in your writing. It’s an instant way to make your copywriting sound more like *you.* And the more you sound like you, the more your readers are going to connect with you.

Tip 02: Be rebellious – ditch the rules.


Was it just me, or did you have fantasies of sneaking out late at night with the high school bad boy… and climbing on the back of his motorcycle for a midnight ride through town? 

*gazes into far-off fantasy world*

There’s something so magnetic about the rebellious ones, right? 

But if you were more like me in high school, ditching the rules was the last thing you could fathom doing.

Nope, I was on the straight and narrow – didn’t dare step a toe out of line. A total goody goody. 

But, if you’re still wanting to live out those wild high school fantasies, here’s your chance. 

Ditch the rules your high school English teacher gave you. Throw ‘em right out the window. 

How to write conversationally – exercise 03: 

Imagine you’re sitting down to write your final term paper in high school. Or better yet – your SAT essay – DUNDUNDUUNNN. 

And the only thing you wanna do? Is write in a way that makes you FAIL. 

Yep. I know. If you’re a perfectionist like me, there’s a good chance you may have broken out into hives at the “F” word. 

But really. All the rules you were taught in school? Throw ‘em right out the window. 

So. Do these things (wherever it makes sense to), instead: 

  • Start your sentences with “and,” “but,” and “or.” 
  • Put. your. Punctuation. Everywhere. 
  • Use alllll the contractions. (think about it – how often do you not use contractions when you’re talking to someone?)
  • Add in extra letters to put emphasis or to draw out a word. 
  • Write one-line paragraphs. 
  • Write single word sentences. 
  • Put actions in asterisks. Like *eye-roll* or *virtual high five* or *waves excitedly*

Try those and see how much more conversational your writing gets for your business! 

Tip 03: Get to know your readers


Your dreamboat client? Might be different from someone else who’s in the same industry as you. 

That means they’re gonna respond differently. They’re gonna engage with different things.

And your job is to figure out what it is they do respond to. So you can write in a way that resonates with them! 

You gotta get to know your dream clients and your readers like the back. of. your. hand. 

How to write conversationally – exercise 04: 

The best way to get to know your readers? Talk to them. 

Here are some quick, easy ways to do it: 

  • Reply to them in the DMs on Instagram – don’t ghost ‘em! Strike up a conversation on things OUTSIDE of your business (and theirs). What do they like to do in their off-time?
  • Come up with a quick survey with engagement stickers in your Instagram stories. Ask them fun questions like what shows are they watching. What books are they reading? Do they like the mountains or the beach? What pisses ‘em off in the morning?
  • Ask them questions in your emails and get them to reply with their answers. Plus, if you’re writing awesome email copy, your engagement rate may be higher than on Instagram, too!
  • Ask your top fans and readers to hop on a survey call. If you’re not above bribing (which, hey, I’m definitely not, so no judgement here!), entice ‘em with a Starbucks gift card. Get ‘em on a quick 5-10 minute phone call and ask them some questions about their brand and some of the problems they face in their business. Pepper in some fun questions about who they are and how they click. That’ll help you write in a way that connects with them! 

Save this post for later!

A Pinterest graphic with a website copywriter typing at a laptop with a title that says "3 super easy ways on how to write conversationally and pack a punch with personality in your copywriting."

Now, maybe you didn’t come here hopin’ for exercises to do.

I mean, that’s what the gym is for, right? 

But, the more you practice these exercises, the easier this is gonna get. 

You’ll end up with personality-punched copywriting and content every. single. time. you start tappin’ on your keyboard! 

So, tell me! Which exercise on how to write conversationally are you gonna try first?? Leave me a note in the comments with your favorite exercise from this list!

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