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How to Write an About Page for a Website That Connects and Converts!

Surely, it’s not just me. 

But on my first date with my (now) husband, he asked me, “So tell me about yourself.” 

And I felt exactly like Spongebob in that one episode where he forgets everything except fine dining and breathing. So when Squilliam asks his name… he can’t find it in his brain.

Spongebob meme of Spongebob's brain on fire

(^^ Actual footage of me trying to remember anything about myself.) 

And I dunno about you. But I end up with a similar vibe whenever I go to write an about page for my own business… Is this totally against the copywriter’s secret guidebook 101 to even admit this? 

Oops. I’m admitting it anyway! 

Writing about pages are hard. There’s something about trying to write about yourself that’s naturally difficult. And then throw on top of it you’re trying to pay attention to all these copywriting techniques and blah blah blah. It’s exhausting! 

So if you’re strugglin’ to write yours. Don’t worry! I’ve gotcha covered. Because I’m sharing everything I’ve learned over the years on how to write an about page that not only gets unicorn clients looking at you like those heart-eye emojis. But I’m also teaching you how to write an about page for your website that converts. 

Stick with me! We’re divin’ in head first (because the water is deep enough on this end). 

How to write an about page for a website that connects and converts blog post cover image with a girl pouring sand through her hands

Why Should You Actually Care About How to Write an About Page for Your Website

Old-school dude marketing would have taught you to not focus on your about page. Or at least only use it to talk about your clients (and then how you’re qualified to serve them). In fact, when I first started out, I was taught this! 

On the other hand, most businesses who don’t know the ins and outs of copywriting use it to only talk about themselves. And they focus on facts and information…that don’t really matter to your clients. (No shame or judgment if you’ve done this before! We learn more, and we get better!) 


*Pulls out soap box. Steps up onto it.* 

In the years that I’ve been writing copy, and as I’ve watched how markets have changed… I’d like to introduce a new thought. 

It’s both (to an extent). 

Your About Page is Prime Real Estate to Create Connections with Your Unicorn Clients

It is noooo secret that the world is getting louder and louder. Busier and busier. 

Brands everywhere are marketing to us all the freakin’ time. 

Now, buyers have their pick of the litter when it comes to who they want to work with. But a lot of ‘em have analysis paralysis when it comes to choosing the right fit. 

They’re craving a brand that can create a connection with them. They’re looking for someone who has them saying, “Omg, I just want to be best friends with this person in real life.” 

And the about page on your website? It’s the perfect place to create that deeper connection they’re wanting. 

How to Write an About Page for a Website: Striking the Right Balance to Convert

Okay, let’s get real here. 

Connecting is mega important in today’s super busy market. 

But it’s not the only thing that’s important. And dare I say… connection by itself won’t get the job done. 

That’s where copywriting techniques come into play. Techniques like: 

  • Showing them you empathize with what they’re going through
  • Joining the conversation they’re already having with themselves
  • Sharing how you’re the right person for the job
  • Gaining their trust (through testimonials, credentials, experience, etc.)
  • Telling them what they can do next

So when you look at it from the lens of conversion, then … yeah, the dude marketing isn’t too far off base. 

Because when you include all of those bullet points into your about page copywriting, then you’ll find out that that’s the majority of your page. 

That’s okay though! Because everything on your site really is for your ideal client. 

But that’s not to say that you should go full-on dude marketing. Because the market has changed, and like I mentioned before – buyers want a connection with who they’re buying from or investing in. 

So here’s how to do that…

How to Write an About Page for a Website: Striking the Right Balance to Connect

Me saying “Hey, your ideal clients want you to talk about yourself so they feel connected with you!” Isn’t me saying that you should go hog-wild when you’re writing that about page. 

You should still approach your about page with copywriting strategy! 

When it comes to writing an about page that connects and helps your website convert? You have to be strategic with your words. 

Your ideal clients aren’t going to connect with every last detail about you. 

Lemme put it this way – I know my ideal clients love: 

  • Vanderpump Rules and/or other Bravo shows
  • Doggos
  • Beach vacations and resorts
  • Traveling
  • Margaritas (or other fun cocktails)
  • A killer playlist that’s *chef’s kiss* with the vibes
  • And even Spongebob quotes

Those are also all things that I love! So that’s what I focus on whenever I’m talking about myself. 

That doesn’t mean that’s my entire personality outside of work! I still love Pokemon… I play video games outside of work… I’m even known to pick up a game of Magic the Gathering every now and then. 

But that doesn’t have anything to do with my ideal clients. So I don’t speak about that (other than just now for the sake of this example!) 

It’s PERFECTLY OKAY to not promote every tiny detail about you and your personality on your website! The key is to find where you and your unicorn clients intersect. 

Connection-Worthy “Personality Touchpoints” to Add to Your About Page:

So … how do you weave those fun, connection points into your copy? Without like being in your face about it, like 


Because … that’s not connecting…

That’s screaming. 

No – part of copywriting is finding subtle ways to add those connecting points so they’re not just blasted in your readers’ faces. 

Instead, we wanna have them so wrapped up in your copywriting that they don’t even know what’s hit them! Because that feels the most natural and organic to everyone. 

Just like an organic conversation between two new friends who find out they both loveee Panera Bread’s broccoli cheddar soup on a crisp, October afternoon. 

And one of my favorite ways to do that (other than gently weaving it into copy like the sentence above), is to add what I like to call “personality touchpoints.” 

How to Write an About Page for a Website: What is a Personality Touchpoint?

Have you ever been scrolling someone’s website -whether it’s a large business or a personal brand – and they have like this really cool element to their about page? 

Maybe it’s a timeline that’s laid out all nice. Maybe it’s a mini slideshow kind of thing that shows their favorite things. Maybe it’s a little quiz with the little circles around the multiple choice answers and everything. 

Those are what I like to call “personality touchpoints.” 

They’re a fun and engaging way to keep your reader’s attention (so needed in a crazy busy online world) and a way to sneak more of your personality into your copywriting

So, I’ve come up with different personality touchpoints to add to your about page – and even better? I’ve based them around the different brand voice personas! 

(Haven’t taken the quiz to find out your brand voice persona? Omg, what the heck are you waiting for!? 

It’s a super quick, super fun Seventeen-magazine-style quiz. All you gotta do is plan your dream vacation. And it’ll tell you your brand voice persona!)

Notebook with pen with text over image that says, "Take the brand voice quiz!"

Then find which personality touchpoint is the best fit for your brand’s website! 


Before I dive into these, I gotta preface it by saying this: 

All copywriting, including adding personality touchpoints, should start with strategy. They should align with your brand – they should make sense for your brand. And they should appeal to your audience! 

As they say, part of copywriting is about learning how to “kill your darlings.” So, while you might love a personality touchpoint that definitely aligns with your brand voice persona… it might not make sense strategically for you to have it (either because your website doesn’t need it or because it wouldn’t resonate with your unicorn client). 

Don’t worry! I’ll give you strategy insights for each personality touchpoint so you can find one that makes sense for your brand! 

Personality Touchpoints for The Rebel: 

The Rebel is all about putting their bold claims and hot takes out for the world to see. Whether you’re sick and tired of the industry you’re in (and the norm of it) and you want to shake things up, or you feel liberated and want to show your unicorn clients the light – all fall under The Rebel brand voice persona.

And taking that into consideration, here are a few personality touchpoints for your about page:

* The Hills You’re Willing to Die On

These are your core values. These are the lines drawn in the sand. Your brand? It would pretty much cease to exist if you didn’t follow these values down to the wire. 

So if you have core values that you can’t shake? Share them. Your unicorn clients want to know where you stand unwavering. 

* Your Industry Hot Takes

You have opinions. And you’re so bold and brash (in the best way) that you want everyone to know! So don’t be afraid to put yourself out there. Show ‘em why you’re rebelling against the industry standards! 

* Your Middle Finger Story

If you’ve been screwed over a time or two and that led you here? Oooh, baby. That’s prime messaging to share when you write the about page on your website. Make sure it has to do with how you got to where you are today. Make sure it’s something that will resonate with your unicorn clients, too! 

For example. I have a middle finger story – where I left the corporate world behind altogether. But my ideal client? They’re not on the edge of deciding whether they want to dive into entrepreneurship or stick with the corporate world. My ideal client is very much invested in their business that they’ve been growing for the past 3+ years. 

So I don’t actually share my middle finger story! (Plus, it’s not quiiite my brand voice persona, either!) 

Just check in with your brand messaging and your unicorn client to make sure it all fits together. If not, use one of the other personality touchpoints! 

Personality Touchpoints for The Life of the Party:

Heeeyyy-oh!! Nothing’s reallllyy been said until YOU say it, if this is your brand voice persona! You are all about marching to the beat of your own drum and doing things your own way – industry rules and status quo be damned! 

So, how do you stand out even more on your about page as the Life of the Party? 

* Your Superpowers

Sure, sure – everyone talks about what their unique selling point is. Or what their unique value proposition is. 

But you? You’re really out there (in an incredible way). So share those superpowers. Share how you make it a freaking point to be different in your industry! Because dang, while everyone’s acting like pigeons, you’re not afraid to be the bright, pink flamingo. 

* Your Branded Playlist

If there’s one way to “understand” a vibe and to draw connections? It’s through music. So kick it back to the ol’ Myspace days and share your branded playlist that you’ve come up with on your about page. 

Think of it this way. If you do a really great job of curating your playlist, your unicorn clients may start associating certain songs they hear with your brand. Who doesn’t want that!? 

* What People Realllyy Don’t Know About You

A rendition of “3 facts about yourself,” made Life of the Party – esque! Get random, get weird. Let your freak flag fly!

Michael Scott from the Office gif of Michael dancing with text, "let's get weird"

Because lemme tell ya… everybody’s got at least some level of weirdness to ‘em. And nothing makes someone else feel comfortable embracing that weirdo-level like another person going first. 

So get ready for your unicorn clients to feel uber comfortable with you – while you celebrate and highlight the fact that this world is waaay too vanilla. And you’re just bringin’ some [insert your favorite fancy ice cream flavor here!] 

Personality Touchpoints for The Everygal:

You wanna talk about relatable AF? That’s you, Everygal! So the whole point is to get your unicorn clients feeling comfy and cozy on your about page. And to do that, you’re gonna showcase what you have in common.

And I don’t just mean, “Omg – you love coffee? I love coffee!” I don’t mean, “Omg, you do Taco Tuesdays? I do Taco Tuesdays!” 

I’m talkin’ the nitty gritty. I’m talking about details that make your unicorn clients say, “Umm…hold up. Are we long lost twins or something?” 

Do it by adding one of these personality touchpoints:

* Speed Round Fun Facts (because #relatable)

This is the, “get to know me in a nutshell” type personality touchpoint. You can see it on my about page, too (because The Everygal is my brand voice persona “wing”)!

An example of How to Write an About Page for a Website from a Website Copywriter for Creatives
Screenshot of Sipsy Ink’s About Page Copywriting, Written By Sipsy Ink

But I’d encourage you to get super specific! For example, in mine, I don’t have “favorite color,” or “favorite food.” Instead, I get detailed with, “fave guilty pleasure show,” and “at a party, most likely to find me…” And the answers? They all have something to do with my ideal client! They’re all things my unicorn client will resonate with. 

Need some help getting detailed in your speed round fun facts? Try using these prompts:

  • Your zodiac sign
  • Nicknames closest friends call you
  • Your designated role in the friend group
  • Your most recent Netflix binge
  • The one thing you do every day (without fail)
  • Your good luck charm
  • Your hidden superpower (the one thing you’re surprisingly good at)
  • Your favorite way to practice self-care
  • Must-do things on your bucket list
  • You’re heavily inspired by
  • You know every line to this movie
  • You know every word of this song
  • The shop where you always drool over everything

Try out some of those (instead of boring…favorite drink or favorite food). 

* What You’re Currently Doing

Is there anything more relatable than sharing what you’re doing right this very second? Okay, well maybe when you put that on your website, it won’t really be what you’re doing right now at the moment. 

But sharing what you’re probably doing? Is a close second on the relatability scale! 

So you can easily weave a small portion of your copy into “Right now, I’m probably doing XYZ.” 

Better yet? Segue that into how you’d drop it all to help your unicorn client do ABC. 

Altogether that’d look like, 

“Right now, I’m probably chillin’ on my comfy couch in buttery soft Lululemon leggings watching Southern Charm while eating takeout sushi from Publix. But I’d drop it in a heartbeat to help you write copy dripping with your personality for your creative brand!” 

(By the way? That’s probably exactly what I’m doing right now. And it’s exactly what I would do if you wanted me to write your copy. Get in touch with me here!(; )

* The Titles You Answer To

Is there anyone who is one specific thing? Nah, no way. We all have different titles that we answer to or that we use to address ourselves. 

So think of the titles that resonate most with your dreamy clients? Then dedicate a section to include those when you write an about page for your website. 

You can have it as a simple list right next to or underneath a photo of yourself. Or you can have a larger section where you pair it with related photos for each title. The choice is yours! 

* The Celebrity Quiz

Aaahhh the Celebrity Quiz. Remember back in the day when you’d read Vogue (or if you were like me and started young – Teen Vogue). And they’d have the cover star on the front. But in the story of the cover model, they’d include a quiz. And it’d have all kinds of questions like, 

  • If you were a spice, what would you be?
  • Vanilla or chocolate?” 
  • Last place you traveled to?
  • Most likely to find in your carry-on bag… 

And the celebrity or model would circle the multiple choice answer for each question. Or they’d fill in the blank, and it’d look like their handwriting? 

Nostalgia at its finest. I can still smell those weird perfume samples they packed into the Teen Vogue magazines. 

Anyway! Point being – you can totally do a Celebrity Quiz on your about page! Everyone loves that intersection of nostalgia and relatability.  

Personality Touchpoints for The Hopeful Romantic:

Oh, the Hopeful Romantic – this brand voice persona has a special place in my heart! I think it’s because I absolutely love brands who adopt this foundational voice and then put their signature spin on it. 

As the Hopeful Romantic, you’re all about artistic, poetic expression in your brand voice. So weaving personality touchpoints that coincide with that is a perfect way to really get that across to your unicorn clients! 

Try adding one of these when you’re writing your about page: 

* Pieces of My Heart or My Favorite Things

I always view these as a little mini slideshow of the most important parts of your life! Kind of like the speed round for The Everygal, but more poetic for you! Pick 3-5 super important parts of your life. And then add a little description for each one and why it’s important to you. 

Remember to keep it to things that will resonate with your ideal clients. Do that and you’ll have them ready to send that inquiry to your inbox! 

Screenshot of Family Photographer's About Page written by copywriter for photographers, Sipsy Ink
Screenshot of Melanie Foster Photography’s About Page, Written by Sipsy Ink, Designed by The Kate Collective

* Your Artistic Influences / Artist’s Statement

A combination of a creative brand and the Hopeful Romantic brand voice? Oh, that’s an artist’s statement waiting to happen! 

Whether you’re a photographer or videographer, a calligrapher, a potter, or anything else – having an artist’s statement filled with your influences? That’ll give your readers insight into how you view the world. Better yet – it’ll show them how you view working with them! 

* Your Poetic Brand Story

This may be a little similar to the “Middle Finger Brand Story” – but, not really. Because this one, you’re not necessarily bucking the system. Instead, you’re painting the picture of how you got to where you are now. 

Where The Rebel’s story may be shorter in nature. Or where their sentences may be crisp and concise… allow your poetic brand story to flow like the River Seine through the city of Paris. Paint the picture in the minds’ of your readers so they get to know how you came to be where you are now! 

Personality Touchpoints for The Bestie:

Last (but certainly not least!), we have The Bestie! The mom of the group. The one who’s always got your back, no matter what. And the one who’s coming in with sage advice when it’s needed while giving a shoulder to lean on when the advice isn’t needed. 

You’re all about building trust based on your experience. So try adding in one of these personality touchpoints when you’re writing your website about page: 

* Your Timeline

Just like we used to draw out timelines in like … 8th grade History class, you can do the same kinda thing on your about page! 

When it comes to being The Bestie, your brand voice can take on the, “I’ve been there, too!” approach. And that’s where a timeline comes in handy. You can show where you started (especially if it’s similar to your ideal client’s shoes). Then show how you progressed to where you are now! 

* Your “I was there once, too!” Story

And speaking of that “I’ve been there” vibe – you can absolutely include your own brand story if it resonates with your ideal client. Maybe you and your unicorn client were in the same dang boat (or a similar one)! 

Share that story with them! There’s power in knowing you’re not alone. Your ideal clients will love you for it! 

Screenshot of Wedding Planner's About Page, written by copywriter for wedding professionals, Sipsy Ink
Screenshot of Peaches ‘n Cream Weddings About Page, Written by Sipsy Ink, Designed by Alessya Baggetta Designs

* Other Things You Might Enjoy

As The Bestie, you’ve got the knowledge. And you’ve got the resources! Your ideal client comes to you because they know you’ll steer them in the right direction. So don’t be afraid to do that on your about page! 

If it aligns with your brand, offer some other things they might enjoy or that might be helpful for them. Link to relevant blog posts. Encourage them to get your advice and wisdom every week by signing up for your newsletter. 


Just because a personality touchpoint is listed under a brand voice persona that doesn’t match yours doesn’t mean you can’t use that touchpoint! 

And vice versa. Just because a personality touchpoint is listed under a brand voice persona your brand does align with, doesn’t mean you should use that touchpoint! 

Like I mentioned before, always think strategically. Does it align with your brand? Does it align with your voice? Does it align with your unicorn clients? Then go from there! 

So much of this post on how to write an about page was centered around your brand voice persona! Don’t have yours yet? Take this super fun quiz to find it!

Notebook with pen with text over image that says, "Take the brand voice quiz!"

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