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Your Home Page Copy: The 5 Essential Questions You Need to Answer

Your website is a key part of your overall marketing strategy. Once your readers know your brand exists and serves to solve the challenges or obstacles they face in their lives, they move on to your website to take them through the rest of the marketing funnel. 

And for the most part, once your readers are on your site, they’re going to start at your home page! 

So that’s what I’m here to tell you about. I want to help you make sure your home page has all the essentials it needs to be a raging success! 

But first, a little more on…

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Why is Your Website Home Page Copywriting So Important?

Okay, picture this.

You have your social media accounts set up for your business. And they’re stellar. They’re branded perfectly. They’re serving that valuable content. And oooh boy! They’re driving traffic straight to your site. 

And that’s where you wanted them to go! 

Because after you’ve shown them your brand exists… 

You want those dreamy readers to become clients! 

So getting them to your website home page is the next best step. 

Now, when it comes to your website home page copy… You’re welcoming all kinds of different dreamy readers. 

Some readers have been following you on social media for a hot minute. But they need reminding of your exact offerings. So they want to move straight on to your services page. 

Some readers just came across your social media. And they’re still wanting to get to know you a little better. Where are they heading? Probably to your about page. 

And some readers are so dang ready to work with you (yesss, please!), that they want that contact page right now. 

But here’s the thing about your website:

All of those readers have to stop at your front door. And your front door? Is your home page copy. 

So you gotta make sure your website home page has a “welcome, come on in!” doormat right from the get-go. 

Kristen Bell saying “Come on in.” in a gif

Getting that kind of warm, inviting feeling that so many of your readers crave to see means you need the website home page essentials!

And I’m here to let you know what those look like.

What Does Your Website Home Page Copywriting Need? 

To make sure your website home page copy is firing on all cylinders, you need to make sure you address the essentials. 

And by essentials, I mean the list of questions your readers want to know as soon as your home page loads up on their screen. 

Home Page Copy Essentials 01: What Do You Do and/or How Do You Serve Them?


First and foremost, this is what you should address pretty much from the very beginning.

As soon as someone lands on your website, you want to answer this question. 

Why? Because you’re working on borrowed time here, friend! 

You’ve gotta make sure they know without a shadow of a doubt that you can help them with the problem or challenge they’re currently facing. 

Otherwise, there’s less than 15 seconds before they’re clicking the back button. (Listen, that’s shorter than your average TikTok.)

So don’t waste any time. Welcome your reader in by saying – “hey, this is exactly what I do.” 

Home Page Copy Essentials 02: Who Do You Serve? 

A gif Robin Williams from Mrs. Doubtfire saying “help is on the way, dear!"

This is another instance when you don’t want to waste any time. Because when readers get to your site, the first TWO things they want to know are: 

“What do you do to help me? And do you help me?”

Bam! That’s all you need! But a qualifier like this immediately lets your reader know if you serve them or if they need to start looking elsewhere. 

Home Page Copy Essentials 03: Who Are You? 

A gif of Post Malone with his hand under his chin on a late night talk show.

Now, you may be thinking – if they’re already aware of my brand from social media, then I don’t need to reintroduce myself, right? 

Well. Actually, you should re-introduce yourself. 

Here’s why: 

How many times have you been on social media. And you saw a post that you looooved. So you went to their link in the bio to get to their website. 

As the website was loading, you got busy doing other life things. Ya know, unloading the dishwasher. Folding another load of laundry. Letting the dog out. 

Two hours later, you pull up your phone. And it’s still on the website. 

Do you have a moment where you’re like – “wait, what was I doing on this site, again?” Or even, “who’s site am I on?” 

Now, if you’re on an excellent website, they’re re-introducing themselves pretty close to the top of the page. (Not the top for reasons explained above, but not super far at the bottom, either.) 

Re-introducing yourself reminds them who you are and why they chose to wind up on your site in the first place. 

You can also look at re-introducing yourself from another viewpoint. 

Say you focus heavily on content and SEO. Which means your readers may be coming to your site after making a keyword search on Google or another search engine. 

So they haven’t even been introduced to you in the first place, much less re-introduced. 

Having a small snippet on your about page with a photo helps them put a face to a name. It immediately forges a “real” connection with them. Think of this section on your home page copy as your virtual handshake! 

Home Page Copy Essentials 04: Why Should They Trust You? 

A gif of Nick Jonas on a coach saying, “You can trust me. I’m a trustworthy guy.”

You’ve probably noticed this on social media or just by browsing the internet in general. 

The chances are super high that you’re not the only one who does what you do. There are so many people entering the online service space. 

There are so many people who have created courses, who coach other business owners, or who have made a successful eCommerce business. 

And if you’ve noticed this… well, then your readers definitely have, too! 

So why should they trust you? 

That’s where your social proof comes in. 

Now you absolutely need to let them know your course is absolutely beyond stellar. You need to tell them how your coaching services have helped CEOs or business owners just like them. 

But it gets a little tricky because you’re a biased party. I mean, of course you would say that! (<< That’s probably what your reader is thinking!)

So, use your testimonials. Use your past clients who had outstanding success. Have your customers who absolutely love your products rave about them on your site. 

Include testimonials. Include any statistics you have from past clients or customers. Use social proof to show your new readers you are absolutely trustworthy! 

Home Page Copy Essentials 05: What Do They Do Next? 

A gif of Alexis from Schitt’s Creek saying, “What am I supposed to do?”

Your readers want your home page (and the rest of your website copy, for that matter!) to be simple AF. 

Like really. Because otherwise, they’re gonna get frustrated. And they’re just gonna click the back button and get on outta there. 

Don’t make it confusing for them! Don’t make them have to work any harder than they need to. 

Which means you gotta be sure to tell them where to go next! Give them a section where they can kind of “choose their own adventure.” 

Do they want DIY advice on what you serve? Send them to your blog. 

How about more info on how you can help them with your offerings? Give ‘em a button to get to your services page! 

What about those who need to build more trust? Put them onto your about page. (BTW, you can do this from your little “mini about” section instead of taking up space at the bottom of your home page copy!) 

And for those who are so ready they can’t hardly stand it? Get ‘em straight to your contact page! 

Oh, and always, always, always give them a clear button with an offer they just can’t refuse. Make the copy in your call-to-action buttons so compelling, they’re like “dang, I just can’t walk away from that yet!” 

A gif of a baker on The Great British Baking Show steps away from her station after time’s up.

And there you have it, friend! A website home page that has all the essential questions from your readers answered! 
Need a little inspiration for your home page copy? You can check out my copywriting studio’s site!

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