To Do List: 

write copy to sell on autopilot * 

focus on why you started your business in the first place 

* for the record - I'll write your copy for you.
So you can give all of your attention to the next thing on your list!

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Questions? You're in good company!
My past clients asked these, too - 


No. 1

*cue Ursula TikTok audio* This is what I do! It’s what I liiive for. So, yes, it’s going to sound like you! I take a scientific approach to determining your brand voice. And I’m one of those people that listens like crazy to nail down the tiniest details in how you speak (it’s just one of the reasons why a strategy call is included!). 

But there may be times when certain parts of it don't quite match up. That's why I leave plenty of room for judgement-free, comfort-approved feedback. Let me know what's not working for you, and I'll change it. 

No. 2

Not only do I use your questionnaires and strategy call to get a great feel for how you speak (and write) naturally. But I actually measure your brand voice as part of my own research phase. I go through your IG captions, blog posts, and current web pages and measure down to how many exclamation points you use per 100 words. Then, when I write your copy, I do the same thing to make sure it matches. 

No. 3

I get it, that’s why you’re outsourcing, right? Here’s the deal, though. Yes, I’m going to do the heavy lifting for your copywriting. But I still have to have your help because nobody knows your brand like you do. This is a combination of a done for you and a collaborative project.

So when it’s all said and done, plan on investing roughly 6 to 8 hours across a week. That’s typically done in 2-2.5 hour increments over three total days for you. 

And all that said, I’ve found that my past clients actually love spending the time on their questionnaire and on our strategy call. It gives them a chance to take a deeper, more intentional look at their brand. They’ve said they used their answers to help them write other copy tasks for their business. 

No. 4

Ultimately, only you can decide if this is for you or not. But, if you’re brand spankin’ new (1 year or less), then this probably isn’t ideal for you. 

As a new business owner, you may need to spend more time determining who your unicorn client is and refining your services. That way you can invest in sustainable copywriting, instead of spending money on something that might change relatively quickly. 

No. 5

Eeeshk! I know, I’m excited, too! But since I'm a small copywriting studio, I'm working with a limited amount of space in my schedule. 

Each month, I take on 2 Copy Cove Week projects and up to 7 SEO-friendly blogging clients. 

Each quarter, I take on 1 Launch Copy project.

Usually, I'm booking at least a month in advance, so if you're considering a copywriting project with me, reach out sooner rather than later!