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Blogging for Creatives | Social Media Coach for Nonprofits

A screenshot of Positive Equation’s blog post on Facebook ads for nonprofits.

Blogging for Creatives and Purpose-Driven Brands | Positive Equation

Since working as a content and copywriter for Georgia Aquarium, I have a major soft spot in working with purpose-driven brands and nonprofits. Huge bonus if those brands are also on the creative side! 

And wouldn’t ya know it! Dana Snyder of Positive Equation is exactly that. 

She’s an incredible social media coach for nonprofits, and I was thrilled to connect with her. 

Dana needed some content marketing material to help promote her tidal wave of a service – the Digital Donors On-Demand course

And, omg. She wanted little ol’ me to help her with her blog strategy! 

A gif of Michael Scott from The Office pointing finger guns at the camera.

Here’s how it all went down: 

The Blogging for Creatives and Purpose-Driven Brands Process:

At first, Dana thought she wanted to have 2 blog posts posted per month. Now, that’s a popular strategy I tell clients to take, especially if they are just starting out. 

Why? Because it’s doable. And with my blogging services for small business, clients can walk away with 2-4 months of blog content done. for. them. 

But! After talking with her further, we decided it would be best to create a blog strategy that worked a little like an evergreen sales funnel for her readers! 

That’s what I’m talking about when I say – I ain’t in it for the cookie-cutter content and blog strategies. 

A gif from Schitt's Creek of a character saying "nope."

When I’m blogging for creatives, we’re diving in deep. And we’re finding a blog strategy that works for you! 

For Dana, that meant coming up with an evergreen sales funnel that meshed right into her content marketing strategy. 

The Before:

A screenshot of Positive Equation’s blog post after creating a blog strategy for her evergreen course.

Dana, as a social media coach for nonprofits, has an awesome course on social media ads for her clients. 

She needed some content marketing material to help her reach her readers on Google through SEO-focused blog posts. 

We hopped on a strategy call to discuss everything. I walked her through my process, including how I do keyword research on Google

From the get-go, she mentioned how she loved that I approached everything with data first. 

And that I do! There certainly aren’t any “uneducated guesses” ’round here.

As we were starting the process, I asked Dana what her biggest challenge was with writing blog posts herself. And she said for her it was:

“finding the time to write blog posts and trying to understand SEO. I would waste hours writing a blog post, unsure if it would even be discovered.” 

Ooh, I feel that. 

A gif of a Peloton instructor saying "I feel you."

You, too? You’re not alone! Everyone talks about how amazing SEO is when you do focus on it. But they don’t mention how to get started with learning it. 

And even if they did, you’re busy enough as it is! So was Dana. Which is why she came to moi! 

The Blogging for Creatives Transformation:

A screenshot of Positive Equation’s brand new blog post on her site.

Well, needless to say – we got to work! 

Our blogging for creatives strategy call consisted of going through key points of her brand: 

  • Who her ideal client is. Who are we trying to reach. 
  • What her offer is. Where are we trying to direct her readers to. 
  • How she likes to show up to her readers. How can we make sure her readers are engaged with these blog posts. 

Once we had that, we were able to dig deep into her evergreen funnel blog strategy. 

And that looked a little like … 

First Phase of the Blog Strategy for Positive Equation

We pulled out important research from her clients who had already taken the course so we could reach new readers who are looking for the same results. And it looked a lot like:

  • What challenges were her clients facing 
  • What goals did they want to achieve in their nonprofits
  • What obstacles did they need to overcome before they were ready to take the leap into the course. 

Once we had those three elements, we had the foundation of our blog strategy! 

A gif from That 70's Show of Kelso standing up and shouting "yes!"

We broke each element down into three points. So for challenges, what were the 3 major challenges Dana’s readers and clients faced? 

Those became our first three blog posts. 

Then, for goals, we did the same thing. What were the 3 major goals her readers and clients want to hit? Those became our second set of 3 blog posts. 

And we did the same for the obstacles, too! 

Now, here’s the thing. At that point, her readers weren’t totally aware of Dana’s course. So putting them directly onto the sales page for her course was a big-fat-no-go. Because they just weren’t ready to hear the pitch! 

They were moving from problem aware to solution aware in their buyer’s journey. Which meant we directed them to Dana’s free webinar first. 


But we weren’t done there!

Second Phase of the Blog Strategy for Positive Equation

A screenshot of Positive Equation’s new blog post after creating a blogging for creatives strategy

We addressed the top of the funnel with the first 9 blog posts. 

And we moved her readers onto her free webinar. Why? Because her readers needed a no-strings-attached, no-risky-business-involved step towards the next awareness phase! 

But they still needed the right surfboard to get them from solution aware to product aware. 

That’s where the final 3 blog posts came into play! 

At this point, the topics of the blog posts addressed issues her readers would know about if they already knew they needed a product to get the solutions they were after! 

So the final 3 blog posts addressed: 

  • Her signature process in the Digital Donors On-Demand course
  • How taking her course and learning the skills from it plays a bigger part in a professional’s overall nonprofit success
  • Real-life results from another nonprofit professional who had already taken the course. (i.e., a blog post dedicated to a crazy-good testimonial!) 

The After: 


12 posts that made up an entire blog strategy for one single course! And while we’re still monitoring SEO success (she’s already moving up in the keyword search results, BTW!), here’s what Dana had to say: 

“People have intent when they go to google searching for an answer. Any business owner or company should want to appear as a reliable and trusted source sharing helpful information for their target audience. By investing in copywriting, you’re serving your audience and they’ll remember that.”

Honestly, the after always feels like Mia Thermopolis when she got her makeover. Because it’s just so incredible to see the transformation clients make in their business when they invest in blogging services! 

A gif of Mia Thermopolis from Princess Diaries after her makeover.

Listen, you can always create your own, “I give you, a princess” moment. You truly can through DIYing your copy and content. And I firmly believe that you are capable of that. In fact, more of my blog is devoted to helping you do it yourself! 

But, if you know copywriting, blog writing, and SEO is not your zone of genius… Then you can have your princess moment way faster than it takes to learn and do it yourself! Because I can help you get there! 

Ready to get started? I’ve got “blogging for creatives” services waiting for you!

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