It's not always the best time to invest in a professional copywriter for your business. 

Here's 4 major signs you should DIY your copywriting instead. Plus, I'm giving you 5 telltale signs it's time for you to invest in a professional! 


New! 4 Signs You Should DIY Your Copywriting (And 5 Telling You It's Better to Go With a Pro)

There is something so magical when you get to work with your favorite type of client. Seriously.  It’s like my heart just swells with joy when I get on a video call with a potential client, and I instantly know “yep! That’s a dream client to work with.”  And that’s exactly what happened when I […]


If you’ve been around a minute or two, then you know. You know that, as a website copywriter, writing web copy is my jammiest jam! It’s my absolute favorite thing to do in my business.  But it’s an investment, for sure.  And you need to know what you’re signing up for if you’re thinking of […]


Hey friend! I’m Maggie, the founder of Hoffman Creative Co., a Branding + Showit web design studio based in the PNW. I’ve been able to work with lots of creative entrepreneurs in building out show-stopping websites and brands. I’m so excited to chat with you about websites on Tristyn’s blog! I’m so passionate about good […]


Website Copywriting for Photographers | Family and Senior Photographer Melanie Foster Photography | Website Copywriting for Photographers You know website copywriting is one of my absolute favorite services I offer. Why? Because the results are just too good not to love it!  And with Melanie Foster Photography, that was no different. She came to me […]


Are you that busy entrepreneur running around with cold coffee in hand trying to figure out how the heck you’re supposed to find the time to write effective copy?  It can feel overwhelming to learn about copywriting when you have a zillion other things you’re responsible for as a small business owner! Hey there, I’m […]


We ain’t got all the time in the world – especially as business owners!  So, today? I’m giving you a tip that’ll make life a little easier for you when it comes to showing up and marketing yourself!  Lemme explain how to repurpose blog content for social media and how you can turn one single […]


By Molly Hicks, Brand Strategist As a biz owner–there is one thing you can always count on. Shit WILL hit the fan. No matter what happens, what you plan for, the shit will hit the fan and it’s what you’ve done behind the scenes that matters most when it does. If you are new to […]


Your website is a key part of your overall marketing strategy. Once your readers know your brand exists and serves to solve the challenges or obstacles they face in their lives, they move on to your website to take them through the rest of the marketing funnel.  And for the most part, once your readers […]


Brand Strategy, Brand Identity, Brand Messaging… these terms get thrown around a lot. When you pair them with “Copywriting”, people get even more confused. But pairing Brand Strategy with Copywriting is like pairing your best Cabernet with your favorite aged cheddar. I’m Shannon, and I’m a Web Designer, Copywriter, and Content Writer for modern entrepreneurs […]


Blogging for Creatives and Purpose-Driven Brands | Positive Equation Since working as a content and copywriter for Georgia Aquarium, I have a major soft spot in working with purpose-driven brands and nonprofits. Huge bonus if those brands are also on the creative side!  And wouldn’t ya know it! Dana Snyder of Positive Equation is exactly […]


I write copy for your business so your brand resonates with your clients. And so your business starts bringing in more money. 

If you’re relentless on leaving this world better than you found it (no matter what that looks like in your business), then I bet we’re gonna get along swimmingly! 

P.S., I’m more than likely gonna speak in movie quotes and GIFs… and there’ll probably be a swear word … or seven. So if that sounds good to ya, then hell yeah! Cheers to that! 

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