Omg, hey! 
*waves excitedly* 
Look, I saved you a spot right here!

What’re you drinking? I just snagged a spicy margarita, and I may or may not have already started drooling because of it. 

And since you’re here, why don’t we chat about your brand!

I get that it’s frustrating trying to sound like yourself online. Bangin’ your head against a brick wall sounds more natural than figuring out what to say and how to say it on all your platforms every time. 

And you wanna make a good first impression with those clients that have you shouting, “YES!” when they book your services (without a second thought about it!). 

Don’t worry! I’ve gotcha covered. 

I'm here to help ya do 3 things 
(as your copywriter!)




create tsunami-like waves with your copy. So the people you love working with are bustin' down your inbox!

make moneyyy (honeyyy) with your words (because there ain't no shame in sellin' what you're servin')

get your marketing words (aka - website, emails, sales pages) sellin' on auto-pilot -- so you can focus more on your service and design a life you freakin' love living!


"Investing in a pro like Tristyn is definitely worth it. It will save you so much time so you can focus on other aspects of your business."

"She makes my workflow and job easier because I can trust her to deliver the results we need for our brand."

- Vic mehta, lilly red photography

"She understood me, my vision, and my voice to be able to represent me and my wording for my website."


 Message(s) in a bottle: 

Yesss - write my copy!

Here’s the gist. You have a non-boring creative business, right? And I’m willin’ to bet, you have a non-boring personality in and out of that business. So the last thing you need is copy that sounds as exciting as a wet dishrag (or worse -- that doesn't sound like you at all.

That’s what I’m here for! I’m redefining what copywriting (that works) can look like and sound like for your creative brand. Because your incredible services shouldn't be stuck in the endless void! Let's get you front and center. 

the Key West Lovin', Sunshine Soakin', Doggo Obsessin', Spicy-Marg-Sippin' Copywriter.
And your new word nerd bestie!

I'm Tristyn

And who am I?

that's one secret i'll never tell. you know you love me. XoXo 

wait -- no. that's my other gig, sorry. 

Bachelor's in English from University of Georgia

copywriter for (world-renowned) georgia aquarium

experience writing for 6+ Figure Brands

Clients in Bride, Elle, Martha Stewart, + more

Blog posts that bring in highest amount of traffic for clients

More inquiries in the inbox since Clients' website launch

40+ Clients and 100+ projects completed since 2020

because #relatable ~

Go-to beachy cocktail

spicy margarita with a tajin rim

Fave Guilty pleasure show

Vanderpump Rules

Shamelessly know every line of

destination happy place

At a party, most likely to find me

(not-so) hidden superpower

Most likely to find something to drool
over at

Natural brand voice

Spongebob Squarepants + TLC's No Scrubs

Key West, babyyy!

in the corner, petting the dogs

useless trivia knowledge (trust me, you want me on your team)

Anthropologie + Free People

cheeky, upbeat (but extremely skilled in camouflaging my voice to fit yours!) 

Oddly obsessed with

hotels - like I don't care where. I just wanna be in a good hotel.


In a

A creative brand that is at the top of your craft, and now needs to know what to say and how to say it to scale your business. 

A brand that cares about finding a copywriter who can match your voice and couple that with your dreamiest clients' greatest desires. 

A creative brand that is sick and tired of seeing the same ol' same ol' in your niche and you're wanting something that's actually frickin' different!

Seriously. I show crazy amounts of nepotism if you're...


What're you waitin' for then!?
Let's book your copywriting excursion! 

is that you!?