It starts with perfectly crafted words that tell the stories of your brand and draw connections with your dream couples. 

Your work grabs their attention. 

It’s your words that keep it. 

The stories you tell and how you tell them are so magical that they’re one of the biggest driving factors to booking your dream brides and grooms. 

But writing about your stories is probably not the reason why you started your own wedding business. No, you, more than likely, want to serve couples so their day is absolutely perfect. 

And between doing what you actually love to do, plus all of the other hats you wear as a small business owner, when are you going to have the time to sit down and stare at that blinking cursor? Much less, get it to move across the page.

The wedding industry is busy. 

And it seems like every day, your neighbor, your cousin, or the girl you knew in second grade and now you’re just Facebook friends, are dipping their toes in the world of weddings. 

So how do you stand out from the crowd? 

If you're struggling to get the perfect intentional words to tell the stories of your brand on your website, I can help you.  

Sipsy Ink is a content and copywriting studio for
wedding professionals that crafts your wedding brand stories into intentional, SEO-focused website copy and blog posts. 

So, how does a former Georgia Aquarium content writer and former English teacher get started in the world of weddings? 

From planning my own, of course! 

While I planned my wedding, I saw firsthand the amount of joy that wedding professionals bring to brides and grooms-to-be every single day. I had such an amazing experience from my chosen vendors that I wanted to find a way to be involved, too. 

But when I dipped my toe into the industry (as a photographer, to start with!), I saw so many wedding professionals overwhelmed with their workload and struggling to get words on the page. They’re experts in their chosen field, but writing (or finding the time to write) is difficult!

I changed gears and started my content and copywriting studio so I can help wedding professionals tell their stories (& book their dream couples in the process)!

With Sipsy Ink, I help you land more of your dream couples by writing intentional, tailored-to-your-brand website copy and blog posts. Plus, everything I write uses the best on-page SEO practices, so you’ll stand out in the wedding industry and get your dream couples saying yes to your experience. 

your wordy sidekick for your wedding business

I'm Tristyn

hey there, friends!


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- Bachelor's from University of Georgia (go dawgs!) in English
- Emphasis in Rhetoric and Composition
- Former content and copywriter for Georgia Aquarium
- Copyhackers' 10x Web Copy
- Abby Grace Branding Foundations Course
- Yoast SEO Training Course
- HubSpot SEO Training Course

The (quick)Résumé

Education and Qualifications

My own story started a long time ago. 

’m a military brat raised in the world of travel and moving thanks to my Air Force Colonel dad. I grew up in a household that believed in eating supper together every night, not sleeping in (even on the weekends), and big Thanksgiving dinners (after watching the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, of course).

As a kid, I was always the oddball, off in my own magical world. I had a creative brain and a vivid imagination, but I was too shy to stick it out in drama club or show choir (I saved my singing for the shower). My creativity appeared through writing weekly newspapers for my dad when he was deployed, and my magical imagination made itself known as I cooked up polyjuice potions with Hermione Granger in my backyard.

Surprisingly enough, those two things are beautiful when it comes to the art of telling stories.


I can't remember a time when I was not writing. I carried notebooks and journals with me everywhere. Whether it was a new short story designed to bring tears, or an academic paper analyzing the definition of “The Great American Novel,” I relished in the power and magic of words. 

While I couldn’t ever quite find my place growing up or even as a young professional, those traits helped me establish my own corner of the jam-packed wedding industry.

Now, I get to sit behind my computer, tap away on my keyboard, and tell the stories of your brand through intentional words designed to draw connections between you and your dream couples. 

And let me tell you, I cannot wait to work with you!


Talk soon!

And tell stories i did.

Just a little get to know me

à La Seventeen magazine

Coolest place you've visited:






If you could have one superpower:

Your Myers Briggs & Enneagram:

Your biggest fear:

Last binge watched:

Your favorite author: 






Where would you most like to live:

Fictional character(s) you associate yourself with most:

Top place on your bucket list to visit:

Your greatest achievement:

A. Cappadocia, Turkey
B. Paris, France
C. Istanbul, Turkey
D. Cairo, Egypt

A. Ability to fly
B. Telepathy
C. Superspeed
D. Ability to talk to animals

A. INTP & Enneagram 2w3
B. ENTP & 3
C. INFJ & Enneagram 4W3
D. ENFJ & Enneagram 3

A. Snakes 
B. Heights
C. Going to the dentist
D. Flying

A. Chilling Adventures of Sabrina
B. The Mandalorian (huge Star Wars nerd over here)
C. Bridgerton
D. Gossip Girl

A. Graduating from UGA (go dawgs!)
B. Starting my own business
C. Writing for Georgia Aquarium
D. All of the above

A. Key West, Florida
B. London, England
C. Seattle, Washington
D. Phuket, Thailand

A. Serena Van der Woodsen mixed with Blair Waldorf
B. Kim Possible mixed with Ron Stoppable
C. Carrie Bradshaw mixed with Miranda Hobbes
D. Hermione Granger mixed with Luna Lovegood

A. On a farm of my own in the foothills of the mountains
B. In a bustling city that never sleeps
C. In a giant mansion that I didn't have to clean
D. In a tiny house that's built for maximum organization

A. Ernest Hemingway
B. J.K. Rowling
C. John Green
D. Kate Chopin

The cool, calm, and collected to my high-strung, chaotic turbulence. The leather to my lace. We met on a blind date through a mutual friend at a University of Georgia softball game. He dared me to stand up and say “touchdown” on a foul ball, and I asked to see pictures of his dog. It was a match made in heaven. 

Matthew Dave Sipsy

Gypsy and Kessler

Kessler & Gypsy, our two furbabies! Gypsy, my Aussie named after the Fleetwood Mac song, of course, was my first, and I honestly would not have made it this far in life without her. Kessler, my Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, brings the comedic relief each day.  

Walt Disney world

I can’t even put into words (okay, yes, I can, but it’d take all day) the magic that Disney World brings me. My happiest of places. My home away from home. Where we spent our honeymoon. I'm literally always counting down the days until our next trip. If you ever need advice (former Disney World vacation planning blog owner over here!) about your next trip, I'm your gal.


I'm a military brat through and through, thanks to my Air Force Colonel dad. Until college, I never spent more than 2.5 years in one place. Before I struck out on my own, I moved 9 different times to 7 different states and one different country (we lived in Turkey, if you're curious). If I'm in one place for too long, I start to get itchy (like, real itchy). To keep the moving hives away, I'm always trying to book at least a weekend away in a new place. 

Fleetwood mac

The creators of Gypsy's namesake. And just about every single song in our wedding was from Fleetwood Mac. Even our vows came right from Stevie Nicks. My biggest regret was not seeing them in concert when they came to Atlanta. Or, you know, not being alive during their heyday. 


Maybe it’s from my momma who is a phenomenal cook. Or maybe it’s another way to let my creativity loose. Either way, cooking is definitely one of my stress relievers. I absolutely believe food brings people closer together. Some of my greatest childhood memories were centered around the family dinner table with a hot meal.



Magic (other than words) in my life:


Sipsy Ink's Core Values

What I stand for

Creativity - 

Without creativity, I wouldn’t be able to do my job. Copywriting and content writing are not one-size-fits-all projects. Each one needs to be created for each individual brand.

Cultivation -

You are not just another name in my agenda to get through. You are treasured and cherished, and I truly care to make sure you receive a real solution to any problem you may be having.


Core Values

What I stand for

Quality -

Your wedding business is your livelihood. You shouldn't leave one of the most important parts up to chance. When it comes to web copy and content, rest assured you'll be getting high quality, intentional work, not just fluff.

Craft -

 Because I love writing so much, I'll never be done learning about my craft. I'm devoted and dedicated to becoming the best content and copywriter I can be.  And that means you'll always get my best work!

What if...

You breathe a sigh of relief because you finally check your website copywriting and content writing off of your to-do list. 

You're not a day behind in your business. You run out the door to your next wedding with a clear mind, ready to make your dream couple's day absolutely perfect. 

Stop letting the writing for your wedding business overwhelm you. Stop ignoring the importance and magic of words and what they can do for your brand. 

Start drawing connections with your dream brides through your website copywriting and content. 

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Stick around for more content and copywriting tricks of the trade, wedding inspiration, and cute puppies. #sipsyink 


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