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The 1 Website Copywriting Secret to Being Irresistible to Your Unicorn Clients

I am oddly obsessed with hotels. 

I’ll even just scour hotel websites around the globe – even if I have no plans or desire to stay in that location. 

I just freaking love hotels.

Shrug gif

It’s always around this time of year that I get the itch to go somewhere. So, in the spirit of traveling, booking those amazing places to stay, and all that jazz, I’ve figured out a way to connect ~hotels~ with copywriting. (lol, surprise, surprise, right?)

So, keep reading to find out what hotels have to do with website copywriting tips. Specifically… my #1 website copywriting tip.

Blog cover image with text: "The 1 Website Copywriting Secret to Being Irresistible to Your Unicorn Clients, Plus 9 Examples So You Can See it In Action"

Why I Love Hotels… (bear with me) 

I have been crazy about hotels for as long as I can remember. So much so, that when my husband and I book our vacation for the year, the idea of staying in a hotel is almost just as exciting as the vacation itself. 

Me being me, I was like… “okay, but why do I love hotels so much?” 

So, I wrote out a list. And it went a little something like this: 

  • Hotel breakfast (idk why, but like… I love it)
  • Clean room with furniture I probably wouldn’t buy for my own house
  • Usually some really cool artwork hanging on the walls
  • Complimentary champagne at check-in (okay, this only happened to me once)
  • A fabulous view of the pool or the beach or the garden or … the parking lot
  • The signature hotel scent

But when I first looked back over that list, I thought…”No, that’s not it. Something’s missing.” 

Then I realized it wasn’t the hotel. It’s what the hotel represents! 

The hotel is a means to an end. Booking it, even though I really am obsessed with them, usually means something exciting is about to happen. 

It means: 

  • Not having to worry about work
  • Calories don’t frickin’ count
  • Exploring a new city and finding local hot spots
  • Checking something off my bucket list
  • It’s gonna be warm, and I’m gonna be in heaven (because I’m gonna be somewhere near the beach, ok?)
  • Getting quality time with Matt (my husband)

That’s when it hit me… 

What Do Hotels Have to Do With Website Copywriting Tips? 

Of course, those are the reasons why I love hotels. Because those are the outcomes of staying in one. 

Sure, the hotel itself is great. There’s a vibe there that I can’t really pinpoint that keeps me obsessed with them. 

But the ~vibe~ might have less to do with the hotel and more to do with the excitement of why we’re there. 

We didn’t book it just because we love that signature hotel scent or because we know they have great hotel breakfast. We booked it because it’s giving us the better benefits like quality time, exploring a new place, and doing something adventurous and exciting. 

And that’s the #1 website copywriting tip I want to share with you. 

I see this a lot when friends DIY their website copywriting. They write their offer, and they simply list what the offer comes with, like: 

  • 10 hours of wedding day coverage for wedding photography
  • 6 months of monthly meetings with the wedding planner

But that’s not why your client invests in you. That’s just a means to an end (just like the hotel room). 

They invest in you because they want the outcomes. The better benefits. So when you’re writing your website copy, make sure you’re giving more attention to those benefits. 

What are they really getting when they invest in your 10-hour wedding photography coverage experience? 

What do they really have to look forward to by investing in your wedding planning package?

Let’s dig into that more in the next section. 

(But first…)

Why Does This Actually Work? 

I tell my clients (and potential clients) all the time that copywriting is ~not~ like writing an essay back in 11th-grade English class. 

It’s not even like writing a blog post for your business. 

It’s in its own little world where sales psychology and art meet (omg – don’t threaten me with a good time). 

So there’s an actual scientific reason why this website copywriting tip works. 

People (you and me included) generally buy things with emotions first. Then, right before we whip out our credit cards, the logical side of our brains kicks in. 

But we’re really looking for both. We want to know that whatever we’re about to buy is going to satisfy the emotional and logical parts of our brains. 

That’s why it’s important to lead with those dreamy benefits first (tapping into the emotional side) and then follow it up with an overview of the features (the means to an end. AKA – what your offer actually includes). 

How to Apply My #1 Website Copywriting Tip to Your Copy: 

It’s always easier said than done, right? 

Yeah, I can tell you to focus more on those benefits rather than the means to an end. But what does that actually look like in action? 

Well, I’m so glad you asked! Lemme show you. 

My #1 Website Copywriting Tip in Action for Wedding Photographers: 

Many wedding photographers simply list what their packages include without ever showing their clients what that looks like for them. 

That usually includes something like this:

  • 10-hour wedding day coverage
  • 1 photo album

But that doesn’t show your potential clients what they’re truly getting when they invest in you. So, let’s give it a mini makeover, shall we? 

Are you giving them 10 hours of wedding day coverage? Or are you giving them 

  • all day coverage so not a single moment is missed on their epic wedding day?

Are you simply giving them a photo album? Or are you giving them 

  • a curated, heirloom photo album to pass down to your children and grandchildren?

My #1 Website Copywriting Tip in Action for Wedding Planners: 

There is so freaking much that goes into wedding planning. Holy. Cow. So, pleasepleaseplease, do not sell yourself short.

Instead of only talking about the features of your services, let’s get in there and really make ‘em shine. Because you are doing so much for couples on their wedding day – they need to know that! 

So, are you offering 12 months of wedding planning? Or are you 

  • taking the stress out of wedding planning so they can get back to enjoying their engagement season? 

Are you offering 10 hours of wedding day coverage? Or are you 

  • giving them the opportunity to be fully present on their wedding day, instead of having to make sure all of the vendors have everything they need? 

Do you have 8 years of experience? Or do you 

  • know the wedding industry like the back of your hand, so you can expertly guide them through the entire process? 

My #1 Website Copywriting Tip in Action for Bridal Boutiques:

Shopping for a wedding dress is already dreamy. But that doesn’t mean we can’t take it to the next level by painting a picture of what a bride really wants from her gown on the wedding day. 

So instead of saying, “Choose the right dress for you!” Say something like, 

  • say yes to the dress that’s bound to have everyone in tears the moment they see you

My #1 Website Copywriting Tip in Action for AirBnB Hosts: 

I know, I know – it’s kinda hard to think about the “better benefits” of an AirBnB. Like yeah, your guests have a Nespresso in the kitchen, what more do they need? 

But, trust me. There are plenty of benefits we can dig into with your AirBnB. 

For example, do you have a beachfront house? Or do you have

  • the perfect way to wake up – in 2 a bedroom, 2 bathroom house right alongside the beach so you can hear the waves crashing

Do you have an outdoor fire pit for your guests to enjoy? Or do you have

  • a core memory maker for your kids, complete with an outdoor fire pit and all of the s’mores accessories needed 

Do you have beach necessities, like towels, sunscreen, and an umbrella? Or do you have

  • everything needed for a relaxing day on the beach, sans uncomfy, vacation-ruining sunburn

While I can’t show this killer website copywriting tip in action for every industry, hopefully these examples get those creative gears grinding! 

And if you’re thinking, “Okay, this is great and all…but I don’t wanna do it.”

Well, I’ve got the answer for you! 

I’ll do it for you! 

Apply for Your Copy Cove Week Project!

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