Melanie Foster Photography
Graduate + Family Photographer

Melanie Foster Photography is a family and graduation photography brand based in Oklahoma. An OU grad herself, Melanie started taking photos of graduates on the university's campus back when she was a student, too. 

And as she made it to different milestones in her life, like meeting the love of her life, getting married, and having a baby - she's allowed her brand to evolve to offer treasured memories of those milestones for her clients! 

But a brand refresh had her needing website copywriting to attract those ideal clients. And that's where I came in!


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Family + Graduation Photography

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The Starting Point

Once Melanie started working with a brand and website designer, she came to me for website copywriting. After all - isn't that one of the major things a website designer... designs? 

So, we hopped on a discovery call where we chatted more about her goals. She was looking to attract more of her ideal clients - and she wanted to make sure that her website was reaching those clients on Google, too. 

The Plane Ticket

Melanie and I hopped on a strategy call so we could chat more about the Melanie Foster Photography brand. And while bonding over all things Southern homestead, I was able to dive deep into her business, her ideal clients, and her brand voice. 

In fact, one thing that I did for Melanie (and that I do for all my clients) is follow along on their social platforms and blog posts to really understand their brand voice. And that's one thing that left Melanie saying, 

"I love that you followed along with my IG throughout our time working together to get to know me, researched my current website and brand identity, and were so thoughtful about all of my feedback and notes!"

Because Melanie was moving into a new niche, family photography, we wanted to make sure she divvied up her scones into several baskets. So while she has a great community that she's created on Instagram, we still wanted to drive traffic to her site via Google. 

That meant balancing both her brand voice and communicating in a way that truly resonated with her ideal clients and adding in keywords throughout the copy! 

AKA - What we did to go from point A 

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Website Copywriting

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The Destination

Once I delivered the final version of her website copywriting, she reached out to say, 

"It took all the pressure and stress off of writing compelling content that would resonate with my ideal client. I've always struggled to curate impactful words and messages, so working with a professional took a huge piece of that off my plate!

I have a better sense of my brand voice after going through the very thorough kickoff call, questions, and copy drafts. Huge bonus as I consider thoughtful social content leading up to my website launch!"

Meaning - yep - all of our upfront research and strategy calls essentially created a swipe file for her to use for her Instagram community. 

The end result? A beautifully designed website thanks to her designer - and website copywriting that works. Within six months of her website going live, Melanie told me that she was seeing an influx of more of her ideal clients on her site and landing in her inbox. 

That means that our on-page SEO best practices and proper keywords work to get traffic to her site. And then the copy, which reflects her brand voice and uses language that resonates with her ideal clients, is perfect for driving them straight into her inbox! 

And for anyone else who's considering website copywriting, Melanie also left a note saying, 

"If you value well-crafted and thoughtful copy that will convert prospective clients into leads, work with Tristyn!"

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