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Lilly Red Photography is a destination wedding photography brand based in Lake Como, Italy. So, yeah - when Vic (one half of the LRP duo) reached out to me, I absolutely squealed in excitement. 

And once I perused their website and got my hands on some of their wedding galleries - that squeal turned into full on drooling. 

They are incredibly talented and are so busy with growing their business that they needed to outsource their wordy marketing to someone who could get them results. And I am freakin' thrilled they came to little ol' moi! 


The Excursions:

Brand Field Guide Notes:

Destination Wedding Photography

SEO-Friendly Blogging
Launch Copywriting + Email Marketing

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The Starting Point

Vic, one half of the Lilly Red Photography duo, reached out to me for SEO-friendly blogging. They already had a few blog posts on their website, but Vic had fallen behind with keeping it updated because they had so many weddings. So he wanted to use their blog as a chance to act as a portfolio! 

But on our initial discovery call, I brought another idea to the table. What if we used these blog posts as a way to showcase their portfolio, and do some heavy keyword research to make sure those blog posts worked for their brand. 

That was our starting point! 

The Plane Ticket

Vic and I hopped on a discovery call so we could chat more about the Lilly Red Photography brand. I wanted to get clear views of his goals for the website to make sure that we could have a successful project together! 

Since Lilly Red Photography had built up such a fabulous reputation, I knew that they would be able to get some fantastic results if we prioritized strategic keywords and compelling blog copy. I was super excited to tell him about how I love to write blogs for wedding businesses - because it's not what's "standard" in the industry! Instead of blogs that give a story of the couple that's a simple paragraph followed by hundreds of photos, I chose a different route! 

As I was writing their blog posts, I told the story of how Lilly Red Photography captured it - instead of focusing on the couple. Because I went heavy into my research phase (which included getting as much info as possible from Vic for the weddings!), there was so much blog copy to include! 

Then, I focused on creating an entire experience for when their ideal client landed on the blog post. Instead of having a full portfolio with all of the photos from the wedding, I chose a curation route. So I went through the gallery for him, selected photos and spread them throughout the post, instead of slapping them all at the very bottom of the post. 

And last (but definitely not least because this is the fun part for everyone), I uploaded all of the posts to the Lilly Red site. And oh my gosh. They looked incredible! The curated photos were so clean cut and accented the copy (and vice versa!) instead of causing chaos on the post. 

Maybe the best part for Vic and Lilly? They didn't have to worry about any of the uploading part. They just made sure it looked perfect for them, gave me the A-OK, and I published them! 

AKA - What we did to go from point A 

point B 

SEO-FRiendly Blogging

Take a Sneak Peek

Straight from the Site

The Destination

So where did Vic and Lilly's SEO-Friendly Blogging package take them? Well, first and foremost, it took 40+ blog posts off their plate. That gave them hours so they could focus more on what they do best - taking the most amazing wedding photos! 

What about those SEO-Friendly results? According to their Google Analytics, their website saw a... 
  • 361% increase in total clicks compared to the same time frame from the year previously
  • 55% increase in click through rates compared to the same time frame from the year previously
  • 57% increase in average search result page position compared to the same time frame from the year previously

And that had Vic saying, 

"Tristyn rocks!

She is able to take on our ongoing copywriting tasks with limited input and deliver awesome results. She makes my workflow and job easier because I can trust her to deliver the results we need for our brand.

Tristyn is a great copywriter who is able to:
-tell great stories with her copy
-actually understand and implement best SEO practices
-post to our blogging platform including images
-deliver on-time and as agreed

Super happy to be working with her."

Looking for SEo-Friendly Blogging results like these? 

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